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Why is B2B Lead Generation Marketing the Way Forward?

Create demand, get names and numbers and rein in the rewards.

In this day and age, B2B lead generation marketing is one of the best ways of selling your product to the most effective market. Better yet, it’s nothing new. In its simplest form, we are utilising a tried and tested model of marketing that has been used for generations. First, we create demand for your product or service, before asking the visitor to leave their contact details for more information. This infallible process is great because it’s simple and it works. It also factors in the modern idea of marketing – whereby people no longer like to be sold to. By marketing to a consumer rather than selling to them, we instead spark an interest. This inspires or elicits demand based on their free will and chosen lifestyle of the individual. Which is far better than telling them they absolutely must buy this product. It comes across as a bit forceful, don’t you think?

How We Perform B2B Lead Generation Marketing

B2B Lead Generation Marketing

On top of organic growth, we can also implement short term strategies.

Whilst tried and tested, there’s no one size fits all option when it comes to performing B2B lead generation marketing. Yes, it all starts with straightforward marketing content. However, this isn’t just any content. This needs to be targeted content based on what people want to see or read. So, in order to know this, we would need to have some base stats to hand. Say, for example, that it was possible to know what individuals were searching for and in what quantities. That way we would know what tantalising opportunities we were missing out on if we were not ranking for those keywords on Google. Now, of course there are other ways of marketing – but what better place to start than knowing exactly what people want and in what numbers?
B2B Lead Generation Marketing

Data is invaluable when creating content for marketing.

With key data in mind, your content can be tailored to match the customer’s query. Gone are the days of selling. B2B lead generation marketing is all about targeted content that responds to the customer’s query accordingly. This way, we are far more likely to answer the customer’s questions or solve their problems and as a result, generate more leads. So how do we do this? We perform B2B lead generation marketing using renowned services like SEO. However, on top of organic search growth, we can run short term strategies such as PPC or online ads. This allows us to target individuals directly. The only issue we might experience with this method is that these individuals might not use social media with the mind set of buying something. In this case, it wouldn’t be wise to push them towards a sale as it might create discord with your brand. Instead, we suggest offering them something for free. Perhaps something they can download in exchange for their details. This way, you have a means later on down the lead nurturing process in which to work towards a sale with that individual.

What is B2B Lead Generation Marketing?

We make someone else’s business your business.

For those still unclear, B2B lead generation marketing is the process of marketing with the hope of gathering leads as a result. Marketers are tasked with producing content that connects business and consumer. This catalyst is designed in such a way that enough data can be collected from the consumer by the business so that it can be considered a lead. It’s this process that ultimately progresses towards a sale being made for that particular business in the future. As B2B lead generation marketing specialists, we know that success can be unequivocally measured. After all, if a campaign is working well it will generally generate good leads. If not? Well, there are factors relating to the campaign which may not allow for quality lead generation to take place. For example, an excessive price point will likely result in few numbers or enquires, regardless of whether the marketing is good or not. Other factors could be something as simple as the customer already owning the product in good working order and as such, doesn’t need a replacement. Ultimately, however, in order to be as effective as possible, marketing should strive to be truthful and balanced. Otherwise, customers will see through such deceptive tactics. Unfortunate though it may be, these will hold back even the best of marketing campaigns, resulting in lower leads.

How Much Does B2B Lead Generation Marketing Cost?

All sorts of business can excel in a cost-effective manner.

Whilst the costs of B2B lead generation marketing can be quite high, it’s something most need to participate in, in order to compete in their market. In fact, upon closer scrutiny, it’s a common practice for nearly every single business. The only differences tend to be between those that excel and do so in the most cost-effective manner. This way, their marketing budget doesn’t exceed the margin on the product or services that is being sold through their company.

Budget the initial cost of content creation with the monthly running cost of your campaigns.

The initial setup of B2B lead generation marketing is considerably more expensive. This is simply because it’s a form of content-based marketing. For example, if your content requires production then this would push the initial campaign cost to greater heights. Production in this regard can cover anything from video, right through to photo with graphics. However, if the same content can be used for converting leads in future, then the overall cost would balance out and become lower. Therefore, you should budget the initial cost of content creation with the monthly running cost of your campaigns.

Enquire About B2B Lead Generation Marketing

Our specialists can recommend a robust approach to lead generation.

If you are looking for B2B lead generation marketing, it might be worth speaking to Expect Best about how best to approach it. There might well be some elements you can cater for in-house. In which case, fantastic. However, if there are some fundamental missing links in your strategy, then it might not hold up in the long term. If so, fear not. Our lead generation specialists are well placed to recommend a more robust approach. One that will give you that much needed boost of confidence when it comes to approaching your own B2B marketing lead generation. Sound engaging? Get in touch.

B2B Lead Generation Marketing