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Targeted B2B Lead Marketing is the Way Forward

What’s the best way of defining the quality of a lead? Whilst there are many considerations to be made, we feel the most appropriate is also the simplest: how targeted is it? How many other businesses are vying for its attention? After all, there is little use in generating leads for your business if you keep getting enquiries from consumers. Especially when your business relies on those all-important business to business leads. For some, these can be far more valuable and offer a far greater return on investment than consumer-based leads.

For those wanting to target quality B2B leads, you must first know where your audience is most active online. There is generally a marketplace or continuous flow of searches relating to what your business does in a B2B capacity. It’s just finding them that can be the tricky part. However, in this regard we can help. We have lead generation specialists who are able to find specific keywords that people search online. The best part though? We can tell you the facts and figures. You might be wondering how the process works. We’ll break it down:

Target Acquired

Find the keywords your core audience uses to find your B2B business

Await Confirmation

Verify whether your selected keywords are in fact B2B focused

Implement Campaign Strategy

The best results are yielded via good audiences with lower level competition


Create uniquely worded high-quality content for each of these keywords

Methods of B2B Lead Marketing

So what exactly is B2B lead marketing? It’s the process of purposefully targeting leads that are specifically B2B related. This is chiefly because some businesses only work with other businesses. Therefore, enquiries from consumers can be a costly and wasteful exercise to wade through.

Some of the methods that businesses may utilise for B2B lead marketing may include (but are not limited to):


Want more clicks, clients and queries? Effective search engine optimisation helps Google see that you’re seen online.


In lieu of earning “organic” visitors, push traffic to your website by bidding for ad placement via a pay per click method.

Social media

A stripped back and personalised way of keeping your current clients up-to-date with what you’re doing as a business.

Email marketing

Strategically reach out to customers – past and new – and update them on a whole host of products and services.

B2B lead Marketing can Have a Positive Impact on Your Business’ Bottom Line

On the one hand, the cost of B2B lead marketing is generally somewhat steeper. However, this is only because the value of the acquired leads are of a more refined nature. With that said, there is a good way for B2B focused businesses to save money. We’ve mentioned it before but it’s as simple as focusing on leads that are truly B2B. Whilst this may reduce your exposure and the number of overall enquiries, it will have a positive impact on your business’s bottom line. This is especially the case if the quality and lead spend is gradually increased as a result.

If you need to speak to a lead generation specialist about B2B lead marketing, get in touch. We have an in-house lead generation team who would be happy to advise you – specifically on your industry and audience type. We can offer you a completely customised SEO report which would detail the next steps for you to start a successful B2B lead marketing campaign!

B2B Lead Marketing