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B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies

reduce costs + increase quality & quantity

Why You Should Utilise B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies

B2B lead nurturing strategies are the key to keeping your lead costs as low as possible. One of the main costs associated with lead generation is the initial data collection process. Therefore, it is key to ensure that any and all leads are nurtured as carefully as possible. This involves a few core elements:

In the Crosshairs

Ensure the lead goes to the right person

Eyes on the Clock

Respond to the lead in a timely manner

Quality over Quantity

Certify whether the lead is qualified

Scoping Exercises

Identify and verify the leads requirements

Correct Execution

Recognise the follow up points for each lead

Know When to Progress

Inform your lead into making a buying decision

B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies in Action

Strike the correct balance for your business.

Knowing how to develop the strategy can be the hardest starting point for any business. It all whittles down to the type of business you operate. For example, if your business is selling insurance, then enquiring customers will expect a quick response. Whereas if you were an architect then an initial response would be courteous. However, a more detailed response would require further scoping in order to successfully answer the lead enquiry. It all comes down to striking the correct balance for your business.

There are three core types of B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies that need to be sorted accordingly:

Sales Enquiries

This is the most straightforward form of a lead enquiry. Quite simply, a customer looking to buy a product or service would approach your company with a fixed quote. There may even be some additional stages – such as present add-ons – but contact between you and the customer is limited and to the point.

Services Enquiries

Not all customers are sold on the initial sale. Some look for further clarification before ordering. This can be a great opportunity to nurture the lead into a potential state of sale. The customer may already have an awareness of the product or service. However, they might simply need further justification about buying from your company.

Problem Solving Enquiries

Leads of this nature may not know much about your product or service – they are just aware of the problem they have at hand. Unlike your average service enquiry, this type of lead isn’t just apprehensive about your ability. They don’t understand it. However, they have reached out how to solve their problem with your product or service.

 B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies

What makes a Good B2B Lead Nurturing Strategy?

Maximise your lead conversions by reducing your cost per lead.

Like any form of strategy, you should always start with the best understanding of your audience. Ascertain their wants, needs and desires. If you can isolate your audience’s price point or a certain problem they need solving then you can help direct their journey. There are hundreds if not thousands of tools out there on the web that exist to help with what can otherwise be a hard to manage process. At Expect Best, we have implemented customer tools such as Zoho Marketing Hub. This particular tool allows our team to help direct the user on the correct journey. Through it, we can also feed directly into the customer’s CRM to allow the sales teams within their organisation to handle the lead correctly. This way, they don’t just receive a lead. They can maximise their conversions on each lead, therefore reduced the all-important cost per lead price. B2B lead nurturing strategies are the key to keeping your lead costs as low as possible.

Cost of B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies

It’s not a consideration. It’s a necessity.

Prior to engaging in B2B lead nurturing strategies, you would think that knowing the cost upfront would be the best way to start. That way, you decide whether you think it would be a worthwhile investment. However, the reality that most businesses need to face is that they should factor this into their business regardless. Therefore, what B2B lead nurturing strategies should focus on is the minimum cost per lead that can be achieved.

In our experience, after 12 months of running any campaign, the best cost per lead has always resulted from SEO. This doesn’t mean this should be your only method of lead generation – not by any means. However, if you have a fixed amount of money you can allocate each and every month then it makes the most sense to apply it to the lowest costing method. To effectively cost up a strategy, you may need to be aware of the following:

Your Yearly Budget

No matter their size, successful businesses depend on the effectiveness of the planning process. The most critical element of which is how much the business can afford to spend.

Divide this by 12

Once the budget has been settled, simply divide this by 12 – at first. Certain months might require more traffic than others but this would be best decided later on into planning.

Allocate Your Funds

Split your costs between the channels you hope to use, e.g. SEO, PPC or emails in the correct proportions (our marketing team can advise on this after some research into your business).

Review your Strategy

Many clients start with a higher PPC budget only to reduce this when their SEO campaign takes shape. This is often when they become less dependent on the “quick fix methods”.

Enquire About B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies

We can optimise, recommend and help you trend.

If you are looking to develop or improve your B2B lead nurturing strategy then you can always ask one of our lead generation specialists. Our team have years of experience using a number of web tools. We will be able to recommend specific strategies, tailored solely for your industry, business size and audience. That way, we can advise you on a realistic balance between your spending and your expected return on investment. All whilst being able to highlight whether it’s a sustainable form of practice for your business. After all, you could benefit from increasing or decreasing your budget at key strategic points.

If you are interested in learning more about how B2B lead nurturing strategies can help bolster your business, get in touch below. Whether you want us to optimise a well-performing site or to radically transform your online channels – we can help.

 B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies