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Why Buying B2B Leads for Sale Might Not Be the Answer

You might be better off generating your own leads.

Found yourself looking for B2B leads for sale? If so, then it might be worth reassessing your sales process. Especially if the leads you end up buying are not expecting to hear from your business. This method of one-sided communication is an exceptionally cold sales tactic that many find difficult to pull off. So, it’s time that you and your business reconsidered the methods of how you acquire your leads. Otherwise, you might not be able to ensure they become sales later on down the pipeline. Let’s role play: you find yourself cold called. Now, how difficult will it prove for that salesperson to convert you into a customer? We would argue that it would be very difficult because nowadays, no one likes to be sold to. Therefore, businesses could well be better off generating their own leads. Especially, if the alternative is buying second-hand data from another source before trying to convert it.

How to Choose Where to Buy B2B Leads for Sale

Take note of their age, nature, quality, quantity and price tag.

If you do choose to go ahead and buy leads, you should first take into account a few of the following factors. Most notable of these is that the cost of buying B2B leads for sale might seem appetising but could ultimately prove ineffective. After all, if it takes 100 leads to gain 1 customer compared to 10 leads sourced via your own methods – is it really worth the hassle? So at the very least, consider the following:

Their Age

Not only do leads feature an unknowable expiry date, there’s nothing to rule out whether or not those second hand sellers have already converted them into customers elsewhere.

Their Nature

Cold sales tactics are not the greatest means of selling your wares. Whilst some people don’t enjoy being accosted and they certainly don’t like the knowing their data has been bought.

Their Quality

Does the lead fit within your criteria? For example, your business sells top end sports cars. So it would be of little use to you if your incoming leads couldn’t afford to buy one.

Their Quantity

Money makes the world go round so how many leads does your sales team need in order to break even? Establish the base quantity of sales you need each and every month.

Their Cost

Ultimately, in comparison to obtaining leads via your own lead generation methods, the cost per customer will be steeper. Plus, you might find yourself buying more and getting less.
B2B Leads for Sale

What Are B2B Leads and Should I buy them?

Acquire contact names, addresses, emails and more.

In its simplest form, B2B leads is the term given to those who have been identified as potential customers for your business. However, unlike typical leads, B2B leads specifically target other businesses as customers. A lead is comprised of contact names, addresses, emails and other necessary details. These are acquired through B2B lead generation techniques. Businesses might have a preference to work with other businesses for many reasons. For example, they might only sell their trade in bulk. Either way, lead generation is a vital service that provides businesses with a qualified list of potential customers.

B2B Leads for Sale

How Much Are B2B Leads for Sale?

It all comes down to the quality and origin of the leads.

If you are on the lookout for B2B leads for sale you may have found that they can massively vary in price. More often than not, this is wholly dependent on the quality of the leads and their origin. Think of it as a good cut of meat. You get more for your money from a premium source, like a butcher. It might cost a little more but you’ll certainly notice a difference. Poor leads can drastically impact your conversion rate and so the best comparison to make here might be the cost per customer. In any case, it is usually best to test these things to ascertain the value/cost ratio of the leads when dealing with B2B leads for sale.

Enquire About Our B2B Leads for Sale

Expect Best is tailored to help businesses achieve more.

If you are still considering buying B2B leads for sale then it might be worth speaking to us about the best available options. Expect Best is tailored to help businesses sell and do more with their lead generation methods. We utilise various online techniques that generate effective results. Therefore, if you need to get some up-to-date advice on B2B leads for sale then speak to a member of our dedicated team. We will be able to assist you with understanding the leads that are best suited to your business needs.
B2B Leads for Sale