Building an effective web presence can be exhausting.

Even worse, once you’ve got your site up and running you begin to wonder if you should build an app too. There’s no doubt about it, mobile apps are more effective at engaging with smartphone users than mobile websites.

We’ve put together a list of the nine top reasons you should have a top-quality app for your business.

1. Mobile Apps Allow Stronger Branding

Mobile apps can be tailored to fit your company’s colour scheme, design aesthetics, and other brand specific details. A website sits in a browser window.

It has all the other details around it detracting from your branded experience. Using an app presents a purer vision of your company.

2. Speed

Well designed apps almost always run faster and smoother than mobile websites. They’re designed to work with the phones operating system and physical characteristics.

Consumers associate speed and ease of use with quality. Make sure your brand always presents a top-level image.

3. Push Notifications

Most people agree to all requested permissions when they install an app. This allows you to send them periodic push notifications right onto their phones taskbar.

The advertising and brand awareness implications of this are huge. You can get their attention whenever it’s most advantageous to you.

4. Greater Visibility

If you’re relying only on a website customers have to think about your company before going there. Apps are always there on their phones once downloaded.

This makes it much more likely they’ll naturally use it again.

5. Personalization

Mobile apps let you personalize features that websites simply don’t allow. Things like persistent logins, stored settings, and night/day modes let customers feel more attuned to your app.

6. Device Specific Features

One of the biggest advances in security technology is the biometric locks on most top of the line phones. By using an app rather than a website you can allow your customers to secure their data with their fingerprint.

This makes purchases much smoother and more accessible as well. You can even build your apps to allow rapid scaling if your business needs should grow.

7. Online and Offline Access

One of the greatest benefits of an app over a website is the ability to store data on a customer’s phone. This lets your product continue to function with or without an internet connection.

8. Lower Costs and Increase Productivity

Apps make communications faster and easier. This lets your team interface with customers and solve their issues much more efficiently.

Greater efficiency always equals out to cost savings and increased productivity.

9. Increase Your Bottom Line

It’s crystal clear that more customer engagement means more sales. Everything about business mobile apps increases customer engagement over websites.

They’re persistent, allow notifications, build your brand awareness, and create good customer experiences.

Apps Trump Websites

If your business is conducive to running on mobile apps it’s always a good idea to go for it. A quality app increases customer engagement on just about every front. They allow you to create a constant presence in your customer’s life and promote the value your brand brings them.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of app-based e-commerce or to get a quote for your own high-quality app.