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Best B2B Lead Generation Companies

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Why you should Get Your Money’s Worth from the best B2B lead generation companies

When it comes to lead generation, no business is alike. Yet nor are lead generation companies. We know there will always be a difference of opinion between those who settle on lower quotes and those who opt for the higher-priced agencies. Yet not only is the cost of the leads a crucial aspect to consider; there’s also the time wasted should things not go in the right direction. Just picture this: you spend a whole year delicately building a campaign . . . only for it to fizzle out and not generate the revenue you’d expected. Whilst the cost of the campaign may have been lower than that of the higher-priced company, the potential revenue lost? It might well be cavernous in comparison.

Therefore, it only makes sense that we recommend going with the best B2B lead generation companies rather than the cheapest . . . but who is the best lead generation company?

More importantly, how would you know which are the best b2b lead generation companies?

When it comes to deciding which of the best B2B lead generation companies is best for you, one thing should stand out above all. What can they do for you? To answer that, preparation is key. It is vital you ascertain whether the company is able to cater to a few basic requirements. For example, you might want to mention the following . . .
Exactly what you want

Exactly what you want

The number of B2B leads your will require from their services

Precisely how many you need

Precisely how many you need

The various types of B2B leads you would need from them

Who they know on the inside

Who they know on the inside

Any relevant industry information related to the B2B leads

Exactly where they know them

Exactly where they know them

Whether they have any prior experience in this sector
A breakdown of the cost specifics

A breakdown of the cost specifics

The estimated cost of generating these targeted leads

When you’ll get your leads

The estimated timescale, e.g. SEO – can take months to build

which of the best B2B lead generation companies are Leading You on?

How do you choose from the best B2B lead generation companies? It might be that the ones you’ve approached have all come back with similar responses. So your first thought might be a positive one – brilliant, they’re all talking the same language – but how do you filter the wheat from the chaff? Well, it would be good to know a little more about their strategy. From here, you’ll be better placed to determine which of the companies really knows how to generate B2B leads for your business – and which ones are simply leading you on.

So, to that end, it would be beneficial for you to know:

What channels they use?

Every business is different. Therefore web tools that might work for Joe Bloggs might not necessarily work for your business.

How they measure the cost?

Is this done on a cost per enquiry basis or a verified sale? By understanding the parameters you’re working within, you can save, save, save.

How they measure conversions?

Typically, one would convert a visitor into an enquiry and an enquiry into a customer. But where are they measuring their conversions?

What are their social charges?

When it comes to your social or PPC budget, learn if they charge a flat rate or a percentage. If it’s the latter, it could skyrocket your overall cost.

Whether you’re locked into anything?

Before signing on the dotted line, it might be worth knowing if your contract allows you to pause your lead generation campaign at any point.

How low can they go?

Despite being one of the best B2B lead generation companies, you might find they’re not flexible with your budget – even if the campaign is underperforming.

Best B2B Lead Generation Companies

So What Makes the Best B2B Lead Generation Company?

Make no mistake, the very best B2B lead generation companies will have your best interests at heart. Otherwise, how could they hope to qualify for their position? To clarify, they should take into account what you consider to be a sustainable budget for your business. After all, you both need to be comfortable with the idea of working with one another on a month-by-month basis. Otherwise, how else can they measure and report on the success points or even admit to – and fix – any elements of the campaign that simply aren’t working? Companies who work with and get to know their customers are always much more flexible in terms of what they offer. They might not promise the earth but with some good graft they will return results. No agency is capable of promising a perfect B2B lead generation campaign right out of the box. If they do, then it sounds like they might be desperate for the work – and your money. For that reason, it is always a good idea to ask for case studies from B2B lead generation companies. That way, you can check to see what they have achieved for other businesses and whether they’re successful as they make out.

Enquire About B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies

At Expect Best, we have a team of onsite lead generation specialists. Our team are on hand to give your business an insight into the very best lead generation strategy. All we need from you is to let us know:

What B2B Leads You Are Trying to Target?

With so many available, our team would require relevant industry information

How Many Leads

How Many Leads Do You Hope to Expect?

Exactly how many leads would you be looking for to sustain your sales pipeline?

Your approximate budget

Leads can take months to build, so it’s well worth ironing out a business strategy

Speak to our lead generation specialists