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Best Way to Get B2B Leads

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Why You Need to Find the Best Way to Get B2B Leads

When it comes to finding the best way to get B2B leads, quality is everything. After all, the most receptive leads will make yours the better business. Whilst seemingly innocent, mass-marketed leads tend to accumulate duds. Duds which are not only a waste of your time but a waste of your finances too. This is money that could be better spent on optimising other areas of your business. It may as well be for all the good its doing. Now, whilst this might be obvious, you’d be surprised by how many fall into the trap of not targeting those all-important leads that they truly need. Unfortunately, whilst glamorous in nature, this “target all approach” is counterintuitive. Not just that, it can prove to be a very costly business model. In fact, most businesses resort to writing this “target all approach” off and declaring it a wasted venture.
Best Way to Get B2B Leads

What is the Best Way to Get B2B Leads?

There are a few methods that can truly be considered the best way to get B2B leads. In our experience, the methods that tend to be the most popular are of course those which yield the higher-quality leads for the lowest price. Again, whilst an obvious statement, it’s well worth clarifying that these leads can be hard to identify. If they weren’t then everyone would be doing it! You see, because when those leads are found, any business can profit a great deal from their lucrative offerings.
Best Way to Get B2B Leads

Okay, so how do we find such leads?

Most of the time, our team find them using renowned techniques such as SEO. However, for those interested in this great venture just know that whilst effective, it does take time for an SEO campaign to take shape. Therefore, the best thing to do whilst you’re actively building it in the background is to utilise social media with split campaigns. By integrating split campaigns into your lead generation, we can also assess the overall cost of your campaigns and fine-tune them if need be. This will afford us time to write off campaigns which have proved too costly. All whilst expanding on those which are returning the best number of B2B leads for your investment.

We consider the following to be the best way to get B2B leads:


Want more clicks, clients and queries? Effective search engine optimisation helps Google see that you’re seen online.


In lieu of earning “organic” visitors, push traffic to your website by bidding for ad placement via a pay per click method.

Social media

Platforms like LinkedIn offer a personalised way of keeping your clients up-to-date with what you’re doing as a business.

Email marketing

Strategically reach out to customers – past and new – and update them on a whole host of products and services.

How Much Will B2B Leads Cost?

The associated cost with generating B2B leads can wildly vary based on the individuals your business is targeting. This is because some audiences are naturally more expensive than others due to their prospective value. This means that identifying the cost per lead is no easy feat until the campaign itself is running – or is it? We might have a clearer idea of receptive leads ahead of time if we know some simple industry standards. For example, insurance companies may see a general cost of £40 per lead. Whilst this might sound expensive, we think you’d agree that the end product will more than justify the cost.

Do you need help acquiring the best B2B leads? If so, our lead generation specialists will help you target your audience in a way that’ll not just lower your costs but offer you better value too.

Best Way to Get B2B Leads