Bournemouth SEO Company – Common myths and how to avoid them

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Bournemouth SEO Company – Common Myths and How To Avoid Them

Many people believe that SEO is an impossible thing to master, they think the only way to succeed is to hire a very expensive agency or to use black-hat methods such as scraping, keyword stuffing and cloaking. This is not the case. SEO is a long-term, ever-evolving process. It takes a consistency and constant updates to keep your rankings or to gain new ones. With this in mind, our Bournemouth SEO company has selected a few SEO myths and some tips to help you avoid them.


The main myth surrounding content is that the more text you add the better the rankings will be. This is partly true, however, while the length of your content contributes to your SEO rankings, there are many other factors that play a part in maintaining rankings. Some of these factors include backlinks, being mobile friendly, user experience and page loading speeds. There are some other tips that help with SEO rankings, Search engines prefer domains that publish fresh content, this indicates that the business is active and constantly engaging consumers.


Many myths come into play when considering domain names, such as a top-level domain is the only way to occupy the highest position in search engines. This is partly true. 98 percent of search results are .com domain names. But it is important to note that keywords in domain names do play a part in rankings. To help you along with this there are a few tips that we are going to tell you. Make your domain consumable. Ensure that it is short, sounds professional and it’s memorable. Avoid names with numbers inside it and unusual spelling. The second top is to make your name relevant to your business and what it stands for. An example of this would be if I named my website, users would assume that my website is about advising and fixing peoples cars.


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