Brand Design Bournemouth – Designing Killer Email Newsletters

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Brand Design Bournemouth – Designing Killer Email Newsletters

Email marketing remains to this day one of the best forms of marketing that there is. There is always the problem with bounce rates when it comes to email send outs but the overall return and opens is usually consistent depending on the business.  Email newsletters from businesses are part of day to day life and if someone is subscribed to your list, it most likely means they have some sort of interest in your product or service that you are offering. Having said that. This is not always the case, some people never open them even if they do have an interest in the business. The digital world is always busy and so readers attention span are stretched to the maximum. Many don’t want a cluttered inbox and delete spam straight away, so it is vital that you are grabbing peoples interest within seconds.

Colour Schemes – Brand design Bournemouth

The main aim isn’t to confuse and dazzle the consumer, it’s to establish brand recognition whilst providing good content. This should be the basis on which you base every email campaigns off of. The best way to achieve this is to base the colour scheme off your company/business logo. The logo is 9 times out of 10 the first thing the consumers see, so having the colours flow off that is a good way to look professional. Another must is matching your borders, fonts, header types and text colour. People associate certain things with businesses, so all of these things matter.

What Platform are you using?

Wanting to take some of the hard work out of it? Try using platforms such as MailChimp, It covers all the design aspects for you, it helps you create the campaigns and give you a step by step guides. MailChimp Offers easy to use templates that can be edited via a drag and drop system. You’ll also have a reasonable scope for reformatting, you can keep all your email lists in one place and you can duplicate projects to keep the formats the same through each campaign.

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Whitespace and imagery is a very important part of designing email marketing campaigns. You need to strike a balance between chunks of text and relevant images. The images need to convey the point of the text. It keeps the overall look interesting and creates space between the blocks of text. In addition, images also convey messages and usually do so quicker.

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