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Why Using Business to Business Lead Generation is a Step in the Right Direction

Adapt your methods and move with the market to thrive in the long-term.

Business to business lead generation is an ever-changing environment. It’s a system that has to routinely adapt to how people consume their content online. As people shift between platforms, the advertisers trying to attract them have to adapt their methods. Otherwise, both the advertisers and the businesses will fail to stay relevant. With this said, there is an abundance of struggling companies that have yet to adapt their methods of lead generation in the shifting market. The best way for a business to continue to thrive is to simply move where the market is and keep its content up-to-date. In a business to business lead generation world, this can be very time consuming and may even be seen as a luxury task by some instead of a necessity. However, business to business lead generation is an important task for any business. After all, all businesses tend to need leads to survive long-term.

How to Get the Best Results with Business to Business Lead Generation

Split testing allows you to budget ads and act on those that have performed best.

All businesses need to generate leads – that’s a given. The real question is how? After all, what’s the best way to approach the task without wasting vital funds or – worst yet – going about it in the wrong way? Our best piece of advice is this: know your audience. You need to know the type of customer you want and the best ways of attracting them to your website. From here, if you want to run ads to generate leads then you will need to know where your business to business leads are located. What websites does your audience frequent and how can you place an ad that would be effective in getting them to respond? To achieve this, we recommend split testing as much as possible when running ads. Social media websites like LinkedIn are primed for business users. Therefore, business to business leads should naturally be possible via this platform. However, we also know that just placing an ad up front and hoping for the best isn’t a good method. Ideally, we need to consider the following:

The Offer

Business to business buyers interact with brands on a daily basis. Almost everyone is familiar with the online marketplace and how it works – that’s why they want to find the best deals. It’s an attractive prospect and yet the best deal doesn’t necessarily mean the lowest price.

The Profile

Your audience matters. It’s easy to forget that someone is on the receiving end of your ad. So what sort of audience are you trying to attract? If there’s a particular demographic you want to target, we need to ensure they can be defined within the ad network.

The Data

Don’t blow your budget on one message. If you have £10,000 at your disposal you could instead split this across 10 ads with a budget of £1,000 each. By employing some KPIs we can measure the success of each ad and collect data for the best method going forward.
Once our split testing process has been employed then you should look to budget the ads that have performed best. From here, we can avoid those which have garnered little to no response and follow your data. By thinking of your business to business lead generation in this way, you are more equipped to spend your budget in a clever way.

An alternative to placing ads is to focus on high-quality organic content. This is content that can typically be found on search mediums such as YouTube or Google. In creating this, you allow your audience to find your content on their terms and establish a much less “sales-centric” approach. This approach can lower your audience’s guard and will potentially make it easier for you to generate new business to business leads.

Business to Business Lead Generation

What is Business to Business Lead Generation?

We isolate leads for your sales team to make use of.

For those unfamiliar with business to business lead generation, the process is quite simple. We want to target businesses that only buy or sell from fellow businesses. Our specialists isolate an audience and investigate methods of creating lead generation for your sales team to make use of. This process is important in keeping businesses flowing with new customers – especially those who do not have a subscription-based service or product.

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How Much Does Business to Business Lead Generation Cost?

To get a clearer indication of costs, a strategy can be drawn up.

Business to business lead generation services will vary in cost, depending on the targeted market. For example, the finance market will likely cost more to market to than something like retail. However, to get a clearer indication of cost, a strategy can be drawn up. This strategy will detail channels that the business intends to target and allows for some predictions to be made. It can also be populated with figures supplied through various technologies, such as Google PPC. A service like this can detail in advance what the cost per click would be if someone were to click on your ad. Other methods may also give an indication of cost in a similar way. On the other hand, an SEO campaign initially costs more to build but will become cheaper once your website’s rankings improve.

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We have seen what works and – more importantly – what doesn’t.

Considering business to business lead generation? By speaking to a lead generation specialist you are far more likely to save money on the overall process. Especially, if you were to approach the task with little to no experience. Yet at Expect Best, our team have worked in dozens of sectors and provided many different methods dependent on the type of business at hand. Better still, we have seen what works and – more importantly – what doesn’t. Avoid pitfalls and get off to a running start by speaking to one of our lead generation specialists today.
Business to Business Lead Generation