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Reduce the costs but increase the quality and quantity of your car finance leads.

Car Finance Leads


Rev your engines with cost-effective leads.

In the market for selling car finance? If so, then you would naturally need fresh car finance leads that are ready for you to sell to. These can not only be hard to find but a costly prospect to consider. So, ideally, you need to ensure that your business is visible using cost-effective means of generation. After all, there’s no good buying old data and calling individuals who have already purchased a vehicle. This, especially with the introduction of GDPR, can be somewhat of a grey area. However, by generating car finance leads yourself, you can reverse the order and have eager customers come to you.

Customers you can almost instantly interact with and close the deal with — before someone else does.

How we target car finance leads

Attract ready-to-buy visitors.

We know you want a cost-effective means of lead generation. However, what we must learn is how to target these car finance leads. Whilst many companies might have ideas on how to put your business in front eager eyes, what we really want to do is find those who are ready to buy. How do we do that? We find individuals who have a specific query or criteria and we focus solely on those. By honing in on these particular keywords, our wording helps explain that what they want is possible – so long as they enquire. Of course, due to some extraneous circumstances, they might not be suitable for car finance. However, unless spoken to, we will not know why. By having that preliminary chat and receiving said lead, we will only then know if they are a lead that can be converted into a valuable customer. It also helps to narrow down these car finance leads further. For example, customers who would prefer a 4×4. They might want a bigger car due to a new family member family or they could simply want a newer and better model than their previous vehicle.

By knowing our audience and these all-important details, then we can approach, target and attract ready to buy visitors.

What are car finance leads?

Without it, little-to-no business is likely to take place.

To specify, car finance leads and those key individuals who are eagerly looking for a finance deal on a car. However, whilst they might have a car in mind or simply a designated budget, they might not yet be ready to make a purchase. It’s when they speak to the car finance company that they are guided to the deal best suited to their circumstances. Car finance leads facilitate this process by acting as a conduit and connecting those looking to buy with those looking to sell. This lead process is so intrinsically fundamental that without it, little-to-no business is likely to take place. So, if your business relies on car finance leads, there’s a high likelihood that you have already paid for them in some capacity. With this said, however, there’s little risk in diversifying your source of car finance leads. In fact, this will likely give you more stability and opportunity to sell your car finance options to potential customers. A result of which, could constitute a good lead; like someone in need of a value car who has a relatively good credit rating.

Such circumstances makes the process simpler and more straightforward for both parties involved.

How much do car finance leads cost?

As with most cases, car finance leads tend to cost higher to start with.

This is simply because your business is in the infancy of its campaign and would need to reactively build, measure, tweak and improve its tactics. However, once this process of accruing key statistics settles down you might find it to be more than beneficial. In fact, these car finance leads tend to cost less than if you had used any other method. It’s because of the methods we use that the cost per lead can be tracked.

Therefore, the viability of our lead generation service can be easily measured to give you a clear indication of its return on investment.

Enquire today about our car finance leads

Learn about how we can help you generate leads in the future.

If you are in the market for exclusive, high-quality car finance leads then speaking to one of our lead generation specialists might help. Our team will happily guide you through the process of generating the best leads for your car finance company. Plus, we identify the best options available to your business when it comes to generating leads in the future. Expect Best offers a no obligation audit of the entire process based explicitly on your requirements and budget.

This way, we can advise you on the most up-to-date approaches when it comes to digital marketing.