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Content Writing

We’re passionate about providing value through well-researched content. Our content writing services aim to educate, engage, and establish your brand authority.


SEO Copywriting

We understand the synergy between engaging content and search engine ranking. With SEO copywriting, we deliver content that pleases your audience and search algorithms.



The art of communicating a brand and ideology as succinctly as possible.


What is Copywriting and How Does It Benefit a Business?

Copywriting involves creating persuasive and engaging content for marketing and advertising purposes. It's essential for businesses as it helps convey brand messages, attracts customers, and enhances brand recognition.


What Differentiates SEO Copywriting from Regular Copywriting?

SEO copywriting specifically focuses on optimizing content to rank higher in search engine results. It involves the strategic use of keywords, meta tags, and content structure to improve visibility and drive organic traffic.


How Does Expect Best Approach Copywriting Services?

Expect Best approaches copywriting with a focus on understanding a client's business ethos and target audience. They specialize in creating content that is not only engaging and relevant but also optimized for search engines.


What Types of Content Does Expect Best Offer in Their Copywriting Services?

Expect Best offers a range of content types including website content, marketing material (blogs, emails, social media), and SEO-focused content, all tailored to meet specific business needs and marketing goals.


Why Is Professional Copywriting Crucial for Online Presence?

Professional copywriting is crucial as it ensures that the content is not only well-written and compelling but also strategically designed to improve online visibility, engage with the target audience, and ultimately drive conversions.


The Process

Simply fill out our enquiry form below and within a matter of hours we’ll establish one2one contact. During these preliminary exchanges, we’ll want to verify exactly what you’d like from our service. Once we’ve agreed on these terms, we can get started. Before we put pen to paper (or fingers to keypads) we’ll need to thoroughly understand your business and its ethos. Any information provided is handled with the strictest of confidence. Yet the more material we can work from, the better. For example, are there any businesses that you would want to emulate in some way?

From here, we’ll begin drafting content. If you’d like us to write content for your entire website, we’d need to know how many webpages you had in mind. We would also need specific preferences for those pages. After drafting one page of content, we’ll seek your feedback on the style and flow of the piece. Once we know we’re headed in the right direction, we wouldn’t want to impede your workflow. From here we’ll go ahead and craft the remainder of your webpages in a way that appeals to your potential audience. Although our key aim is to enlighten your customers, we won’t post anything without your approval. We’ll send these drafted webpages to you in the form of a Microsoft Word document (or equivalent). Finally, once you’re happy with the content, we’ll upload and publish the copy to your website.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please get in touch.

Website Content

Battling with your brand? 1st impressions count. Count on us to write content for your website.

This is your brand. Your ABOUT YOU, your SERVICES and TESTIMONIALS. The face of your business. When a potential customer clicks through to your website, they’re faced with two things – imagery and text. A picture may speak a thousand words but you want your text to communicate something more. You want to place the reader’s emotions at the core of your communication. If done effectively, this will keep a reader engaged. We can achieve this for you.

  1. All that’s required is one2one contact. We’ll want to gain a thorough understanding of your business, its brand and ethos.

  2. Our aim will be to elevate your copy and enlighten your customers.
  3. Once we draft content that engages your audience, we won’t upload this without your approval.


This just in: we offer content creation across blogs, emails, social media and more.

From blogs, to social media and more, marketing is all about selling a customer on your brand and ideology. Once you have valued customers, you should stimulate them with high-quality copy. The trouble is, if you’re already juggling different aspects of your business, it could be the last thing on your mind. After all, why dabble with the ebb and flow of sentence structure for a venture some may only see once? And yet, that one viewing could draw plenty of sales for your business . . . so why not let a professional generate great content for you?

SEO Content

Want more clicks, clients and queries? Effective SEO helps Google see that you’re seen online.

Where you rank on Google can be the determining factor of any business’s success in the 21st century. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps guide search engines to specific webpages on your website. To ensure your website takes off to a flying start, you’d do well to start some form of SEO campaign as soon as possible. To achieve great SEO, we’ll work with you to find what keywords customers search to find your business. We’ll also develop an adjacent list that would be applicable to your goods or services. It’s crucial to undertake accurate research because SEO campaigns can take a while to get going. Once we’ve compiled a joint list of keywords, we’ll determine which would enhance your searches online.

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