Digital Agency – Ecommerce Mistakes To Avoid

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Digital Agency – E-commerce Mistakes To Avoid

E-commerce sites that have not yet quite got the hang of the complexities of shipping are unable to reach their fullest potential for both sales and customer satisfaction. A lot of new business owners hugely underestimate how much consumers take shipping cost and time into the purchase habits. Moreover, many of these online shops take massive risks when putting the shipping cost too low and then that cost eats into their profit margins. Our digital agency has done extensive research and we have seen that with careful planning and a little research you can avoid most of these mistakes!

Customer Feedback – Customer feedback is what decides online stores reputation and that reputation generates more business or cuts it off altogether. Consumer reviews not only help other potential customers to gauge what to expect when buying your product but they also allow for two-way feedback. What do we mean by this? Well, say a customer leaves a review say that the package was delivered two days ahead of the estimated date. From this, your business can decide to cut the spending on delivery and fine tune the process so that it gets there on the correct day.

Using the wrong Packaging – Packaging is a key feature of an e-commerce store. Packing not only serves to protect the product from damage during transportation, but it also contributes towards building your brand reputation and marketing. In the past, delivery services were charged based on the parcel weight alone. In most recent days the delivery companies have changed their ways and gone based on size and dimensions. Many start-up companies make the mistake of underestimating the cost of a large item that may be lightweight. The can come as a costly mistake for many. Need further information on our digital agency? give us a call on 01202 237027.

Insufficient product Images – One of the only ways for customers to truly understand how good the product is. Online customers cannot pick up the object or test it. So the more images (and even videos if possible) the better. Another mistake that people make is to not have images or all the different variants, for example, different colours. More importantly, product descriptions are key. You want your product description to cover all of the selling points, but you also need to answer some of the common questions that you think people may have. Try to include what the product is made of and the process that goes into making it. The more information the better for customer use. If you need any help with your online presence, then please contact our digital agency. Call on 01202 237027.

Poor Site Navigation – There isn’t anything more irritating that going to a website and having to click through multiple pages to get to where you want to go. A lack of buttons, too many font types and multiple different colours are just some of the reasons that customers won’t purchase your products. So keeping these things simple and easy to read is very important. Weather you’re just starting your e-commerce company or you’re looking to improve your current business. Follow these simple tips to hopefully lead to success. If you do need any more information, please get in contact with our digital agency on 01202 237027.

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Alex Dibben

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