Digital Marketing

Digital Content Marketing

Marketing your digital content is a very good way of increasing your online brand and increasing your sales and revenue. We can use our vast experience to create you content which can be used on various social medias. We will be able to help you with anything you need, whether it be a little bit of help creating graphics or creating and running a whole new campaign we have you covered.

Social Media

Facebook: On Facebook you can reach a huge audience of people that will be looking for your services. With Facebook constantly updating their platform and adding more features, it has become a place where businesses can thrive. With the ability to recommend brands and businesses to your fellow friends on Facebook through their recommendation feature it is more important than ever to have as big of a presence on Facebook as possible. What we can do for you is create regular graphics and content for you to upload that will advertise your services. We can even go as far as even scheduling this content for you and creating a suitable caption as well. As well with Facebook you can boost your post with their ads. This will push your posts to an audience that doesn’t follow your page. You will get more people interested in your page/business. We can get you set up on the ads as not everyone knows how to do them and we can also set up a radius of where the ad will be displayed for people as you don’t want to target people outside of the area that you work in. If you are a nationwide company then we can make it so everyone can see the post. Instagram: This platform can be used to show your followers a visual of all the jobs you do and show them the quality of your work. You can also implement the use of Instagram TV to show your followers longer videos that may interest them.

Digital Content Marketing Facebook


Search Engine Optimisation is a great way to get more people interested in your services. This is because with SEO you will be ranking higher on the Google search results. Therefore, you will have more people clicking through to your site and looking at your products/services. With us, we will be able to help you climb up the rankings as we have had many clients that have been very happy with the work we have completed. We will research into your businesses services and products to come up with keywords to target for you. Then after our research phase, we will optimise all of the content on your site this includes all of the metadata and the image file names and alt tags. Once all of the content is optimised, we will then go on to create our own content on your site to target the keywords that we previously came up with. At the end of every month, we will send you a report that will tell you the positions in which your keywords are currently ranking. You will also be able to see the number of people that have been on your site in the last month as well as being able to see other useful data points that will help you judge how well the SEO work is going. With every SEO campaign, backlinks are essential, we can build these up for you as part of the campaign. It is important to get as many backlinks as you can, Google will see how many backlinks you have and will give your site a better credibility based on what sites you are getting backlinks from. There are sites that will sell you backlinks and spam your site link on multiple domains along with many others, Google will most likely recognise this and will punish your site for trying to fabricate backlinks. That is why it is always best to leave it to the professionals, Us. We will make sure that every backlink we get is legit and has no chance of negatively affecting your rankings. These backlinks we can do on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. But we can also get backlinks from other sites you may be associated with. Click Here to find out more

Email Marketing

These type of campaigns can benefit your business a lot as to do an email campaign you will need to gain peoples email addresses this means that you will need to have a form on your website where people can sign up to your marketing strategies or when they enquire about a service of yours you can have an option to opt in or out of your marketing strategies. We can create these forms for you with all the necessary details on them and we will be able to place these on your site as well. Then the data can be accessed and imported into an email list quickly and easily. For the email campaign we can create content that will engage people and it will encourage them to purchase or enquire for one of your services. Because these people have already shown interest in your business it will be even easier to turn them into a customer. When sending out emails you can have exclusive discounts just for the people that open the email or you can just update them with what is new to your business and that can just be enough to just remind them of your business. We recommend you use a software called Zoho Campaigns, this is because the software makes the whole process easier for you and it also gives you reports on how each of your campaigns have gone. So, it will tell you how many people opened the email and how many clicks the email got as well.

Digital Content Marketing Email Marketing

Web Design & Development

When we create a new website for a client, we like to know exactly what they want and so we like to arrange a time for us to have a meeting. In this meeting, we like to establish a lot of the theme and colours you want to use on the site. You can also show us a few other websites that you like and what you want us to base your website off. You can also let us know about all of the functionality of the website. You can tell us what the website will be used for and if it is going to be eCommerce or not and then once we have all of the information, we will go and create some designs for you. Depending on how big the site will be, we will create a few pages for you to look at and get the idea of what your site will look like once completed, if you want to change anything on the designs then all you want to do is tell us what your feedback is and if we need to amend anything then we will do that for you. We can also create some mobile designs for you if you want to see what the website will look like on a mobile. If you want any other pages done, don’t hesitate to ask us! Once the designs have been signed off by you, we can send the design to the development team.

Before we start to build your site, we will need to make sure that the domain and server are sorted and we can help you out with getting this done by putting you on our server with a small hosting fee each year. We will then build your site on a CMS (content management system) called WordPress as we believe that this is the best system to have a website on as it gives you complete freedom when building a website and you are very rarely restricted in terms of features on the website and with the range of plugins they have you can have your site function any way you want it to. We will keep in contact with you throughout the whole process and giving you updates on how everything is going right until the end of the project!

Google AdWords

This method of marketing can be very beneficial to you but if it is done correctly and in the right way. It’s not all about how many clicks you get but rather the quality of clicks. Because if you just get people clicking onto your site and not buying anything then that would be a waste of your money. That is why it is important to target the right keywords so the people that are seeing your ad are looking for your services. With us we can make sure that all of the keywords we decide to target for these ads are specific to your business and what you offer your customers and clients!


With our help your business will be able to succeed online. You may already have a campaign running and we can help you adjust this campaign or build a whole new strategy. Our work may help you increase your brand awareness, help your brand image and increase your sales. If you want to find out more please get in contact with us!

Digital Content Marketing