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Why is a digital lead worth targeting?

Change innovates and helps us move forward.

Adapt or die – an unfortunate sentiment that can be traced back to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Some businesses find themselves stuck in the past, where their history can be more burdensome than inspirational. Fortunately, most are aware that the world is changing and transitioning from offline to online leads. This adaption has prompted many to search for ways to increase their digital lead generation strategy. By targeting digital leads, businesses can modernise their entire lead generation process. Forward-thinkers can survive the ever-changing demands of the digital world and remain relevant for the years to come. Why? Because change innovates and helps us move forward. Targeting digital leads can be the key to securing your financial future in regard to leads and sales. Digital leads can also be measured much more accurately than other lead generation methods. Therefore, the cost and return on investment can be much more easily attributed.

How can we find digital leads?

Know your audience and the platforms they use.

Some businesses might find it a challenge to locate digital leads. However, it’s not for the reason you might expect. It’s not because they’re hard to find – far from it – but because there are so many options when it comes to generating digital leads. It’s because of this, that businesses need to shift their focus from traditional methods to methods of digital lead generation. If you want to find digital leads then it is best to identify where these leads are based. A key part of this is in knowing your audience and the platforms they use. For example, we know that the younger generations may use TikTok and Snapchat. Whereas slightly older audiences may use Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, advertising on those platforms will offer better results for the demographic you wish to target.
Digital Lead

What are digital leads?

A crucial nurturing process for your customers.

A digital lead is a lead sourced through digital circumstances. This may be via social media, PPC, SEO – essentially any channel that uses the internet for connecting potential customers to businesses. Digital leads take the form of someone looking to buy a service from a business. However, a lead usually requires more assistance before they can complete the purchase process. They may need custom quotes or have specific questions about a service that they need answering before becoming a customer. Therefore, this nurturing process is crucial to facilitate turning your leads into customers. Otherwise, your business will find it hard to learn what’s needed to convince them to make that buying decision.

Digital Lead

How much would a digital lead cost?

We help unearth what methods offer a business its best ROI.

Due to the variety of options available and the limitless potential of digital leads, the cost can massively vary from one method to the next. Therefore, all businesses need to measure the ROI when generating leads. By understanding how much every digital lead costs, we help unearth which methods give a business its best ROI. This also allows us to discover which methods simply fritter away the business’s money. This way, they can funnel more of their money into methods that give them great ROI as opposed to those which do not.

Interested in generating digital leads?

Allow Expect Best to point you in the right direction

If you are considering taking the leap and adapting to a digital lead generation method, get in touch. Our team can offer your business insight into what works and what doesn’t. By engaging with our digital lead specialists, we can point you in the right direction. We have years of experience helping clients generate digital leads from their marketing channels. Our team are all too aware that money is a big part of digital lead generation. More crucially, however, we understand that no one wants to waste it. We can point out the pitfalls and quickly assess if something is going to cost your business money – without you needing to chance it in the first place. Businesses tend to lose confidence in generating digital leads simply because they didn’t spend money when and where they needed to. This ultimately costs them so much money they write off the entire digital lead strategy as invalid. With Expect Best behind the wheel, that needn’t be the case.
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