Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Advertising

If you want to advertise your business using digital marketing techniques, we can help you by creating and adding content to all of your digital platforms. We also have many years of experience doing this kind of work for our clients, helping them succeed in the digital world.

Video Production

We can help you and your business produce some video content for your website and social media platforms. We can do this in a few different forms. You might want to advertise a particular service and “show it off” to your audience. We can come down to you and film all the content you need and we can then edit the video together. We can work with you to make the video look professional. You can give us feedback on the video once we have made a draft of it and send it to you and once you are happy with the whole video we can put it onto our commercial Vimeo account and you can share this video wherever you like. We can also make animated videos for you if you think that would be easier to get your message across to people. For example, this could be a particular service of yours that not everyone might understand and by creating an animated video it makes it easier for people to understand your service.

Digital Marketing Advertising

Social Media

We can help you promote your business on social media, we have made many campaigns in the past, a lot of which have been very successful. One of the main keys to being successful on social media is to be posting regularly and keeping your audience up-to-date with everything that is happening with your business. We can create content for you that will engage your audience and make them interested in your brand. We have found that running giveaways are a very good way of getting awareness out there of your business and this can lead to increasing your followers on these pages and potentially your sales. Facebook is a very good place to host these giveaways as you can make people like and share the post for one entry into the competition, then people that are friends with someone that has entered will see the post pop up on their feed and they might also want to enter the competition. This can spread a long way and in the process of all this you will see your follower count rise and you will see the engagements increase as well.


When you are advertising your business, search engine optimisation is a very good way of possibly increasing your sales. We can work on your site to optimise all of the content on there, this includes all of the metadata like image alt tags, file names and descriptions. But those aren’t the only ways to improve your SEO on your site. We have a bunch of techniques and methods we can use to help you progress your keywords. At the beginning of every month, we will send you a report that will include a pdf of all your keywords and the progress they had made during the last month. This will show you the keywords current position and it will tell you if the keyword has moved up or down positions. You will also receive a Google analytics report that will tell you how many visitors your site got during the last month and on average how much time they spent on the site. We can also run a Google ads campaign if you want to get instant results instead of SEO or while you are waiting for your keywords to improve. We can help you come up with keywords to target that will help you get enquires.

Email Marketing

If you have a website you might have a form on your website where people sign up for your marketing material. But a lot of business don’t know what to market or even how to advertise themselves. We have you covered. Not only can we create a whole campaign for you with imagery and graphics that will gain the attention of people when they open the email. But we can also set you up on an email marketing software that will be able to send your content out to as many people as you need it to. We use a software called Zoho campaigns which allows us to create and send out our own campaigns easily and with no problems. With the forms we use on our website we can easily export the data from them and import it into the software. We can set up forms similar to our that can capture data like email addresses when people opt-in to receive your marketing. The data it collects can be accessed at any time and can be exported easily for you.

Digital Marketing Advertising Email Marketing

Web Design

When you want a new website, we need to create some designs before we start to build your website and this is because we need to make sure that what you are envisioning is what we are designing. We don’t want to create a website that you don’t like or one that doesn’t meet your requirements. So, what we will do is have a meeting with you to get a good understanding of what you want and what you want the theme of the website to be this includes colours and images. We can then get a very accurate image inside our heads of what you are envisioning. We will then go and design a few pages for you to look at including the homepage of the site. Then you can give us feedback on what you like and if there is anything to amend. Once that is completed, we can also make designs for a mobile version of the site and you will be able to see what the site will look like in the mobile view before we build it. You can tell us if you want anything to look differently on the mobile design. It is very important to have a good-looking modern website to gain people’s attention and we know that you want it to look as good as possible no matter if the site is being built for eCommerce or a traditional brochure website. Once you are happy with the designs and have signed it all off, we will then pass it on to the development team.

Web Development

Our web build team are very efficient with their work and will be able to follow the designs supplied by our designer. While we are building your site, we will keep in close contact with you to keep you updated on all the work we are doing and how far we are away from finishing your website. Every website needs to be run on a server and if you don’t have one ready to put your website on then we can put it on our server for a yearly hosting fee. Your website will be built on a CMS called WordPress a CMS is know as a content management system, WordPress allows you to create and edit content on your site very easily without having to know much about websites or code. WordPress also allows us to add plugins to the site so we can add any plugin needed to make your site function in a particular way and have features on the site that can only be achieved by having a plugin installed. This will also mean that the site can be made more secure with the plugins.


When businesses come to us about what they want to advertise they know what kind of results they want but they don’t always know how to get there. We can help you with your current strategies or we can build a whole new strategy that will help you increase your enquires and ultimately your sales. Take a look at our Web Development Bournemouth Services. Click Here!