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Digital Marketing is all about further building the relationship with your clients and customers, finding new ways to market yourself and achieving your goals. Our consultancy will help your business grow further.

Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are a great way to market yourself further than you already are. We can help you construct these posts to be relevant to the services and products you offer your customers and clients. You may find that a lot of your audience may only look for a business on Facebook, a survey taken by square has said that 52% of consumers discovered a brand through Facebook. That is a very significant number. You may find this number to grow even further in the coming years, so now is the time to get yourself onto Facebook and other social media to take advantage of the audience on these sites. If you want us to do paid ads for Facebook, we can do that for you, we can set up the campaign for you so you can get the most out of your money and ensure that the correct audience is targeted to not only get more people aware of your page but for them to follow it and potentially become a customer.


SEO which is also known as Search Engine Optimisation, is a method or process where we will optimise the content on your site and add our own content to target certain keywords. If you look at the amount of people you are getting onto your site every week, we can help you increase that along with the amount of time that people stay on your site for and how many pages they visit while on the site. The main cause for this up rise in the visitors to your site will be from the organic searches and the reasoning to do seo is that you will see your organic rankings improve. We will target a bunch of keywords that we think are relevant to the products and services you are offering you can also contribute to the keywords we target as you know your business better than anyone else. When acquiring the keywords, we will need to know if your services are local or national so we can target specific areas based on where you are based and how far your services extend out to. While doing seo we will keep you up to date with a report at the beginning of every month to update you on the keywords we are targeting and what rankings they are you will also be able to see if the keyword has improved since the last month or not. We will also send you metrics from google analytics so you can see the amount of people that have been on your site in the last month and you will also be able to see things like bounce rate. This is the percentage of people that come onto the site and only visit one page and then exit the site.


Google ads are a quick way to get users onto your site. You may want to use this method if you are starting an seo campaign and you would like to get more people onto your site while the keywords are improving. We recommend that these campaigns are not long term as you will find it will cost you more per customer than it might with an seo campaign.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be a good way to get customers you already have a relationship with to come back and purchase more of your products or services. We have a team that can design and create emails which can be sent out to all the customers that are opted into to receive your marketing emails. To bring back some customers you may want to give them an update or a reminder of what services/products you are offering and if there is anything new that are offering that may not have been available before. You may also want to offer a discount price to a service or product to your existing customer base. This will encourage them to come back to you instead of finding another business to do the work.

Data Collection

Our data collection forms are great and offer a good way to obtain data for email campaigns and other marketing strategies. We have a simple form we can provide you which will Email you results it gets. The results will also be saved to a data based which can be accessed easily, the data base can be exported to excel which will make the process easier when you want to import the data into a email marketing application like Mailchimp. We can also make these forms automictically respond to the clients as a verification that their enquiry has been received. We can make multiple forms for you if you want different forms for different types of enquiries. You will also be able to access the data at anytime if you choose our form with an online editor.

Web Design & Development

Another one of our great services is our design and development. Being able to create a new site from scratch. If you enquire to us about getting a website built, we will arrange a meeting with you and in this meeting, we can discuss what you want the website to look like and what sort of colours and images you want to use. Once we have all the information, we need from the meeting we will pass it on to our designer who will mock up a design for you to start with and you can give us your feedback on what you think that the design, we can then amend anything you want on that design. Once you are happy with the design, we can go on to design more pages if you want us to and we can also do a mobile design for you if you want to know what the website will look on mobile. Once our designer has created everything you wanted and you have signed off everything, we will get the designs to the development team that will then build your site.

Our development team are very good with being able to build the site very accurately to the designs so when you are looking at the designs that is what the site will look like. When we first start to work on the site, we will have to make sure that the domain and server have all been purchased. We can host your website on our server for a hosting fee each year. We will build your website on a CMS (content management system) called WordPress, this system will make it very simple for you to be able to edit certain bits of content once the site is built and we will be able to build the site without having to use much code if any at all. WordPress is also known for being very secure and even more secure if the use of security plugins. The WordPress plugins will enable your site to be able to do anything you want it to do. No matter if you want a complicated eCommerce site or a simple traditional site to advertise your services on, no job is too big or small for us to handle.  While developing your site we can also come to your workplace and take photos and images for your new site, we have all the professional equipment needed to take very high-quality images to put onto your site we can also do 360-degree photos that will make the site look very modern as you will be using some of the latest technology.

Digital Marketing Consultant Design & Development


When you own a business, you know what results you want to get but you don’t always know the correct path to get there. That is why our consultancy services are so important and we can help you get into the right path in the digital world. You may just need some assistance in your current affairs or we can help you build a whole new strategy to help you reach your goals. We have worked with a lot of business that all have their own unique requirements when it comes to results but there is one main goal, they all have in mind and that is to increase their revenue. We can help you build an audience, create content, build your brand image and ultimately increase your sales. Speak to us today to find out exactly how we can help you go further online.

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