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Digital Marketing Services – Email Marketing

Emails are one of the most powerful marketing tools/channels. That is when they are used well. Consumers inboxes are the best opportunity for you to capture their attention, communicate important information to your customers such as new digital marketing services that you are offering. The stats that you get from your email campaigns are also very important. They give you an idea of what the best methods are to target your customer base. Top marketing specialists tell us that email marketing is 40% more effective than social media marketing. This means that email marketing is resulting in more sales than any other channel. In this blog, we’ll share some of the top ways to increase the leads that your business brings in.

Teasers – Teasing your customer base is a great way to increase the attention that is drawing to your product or service. A perfect example of this would be Boosted, Boards. They have done many email campaigns that have been amazing for grabbing peoples attention. So what makes these emails work? Creating a story is one of the many reasons that these emails work. It gets people excited about your new product and gets them wanting to find out more.

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Engagement – One of the most common emails that you will see when looking at your inbox.  Engagement emails let your subscribers know about new content, features and other things such as promotions. This way of marketing keeps people active and part of your business, it also keeps a virtual conversation going by the subscibers liking your content on Facebook and other social media platforms. There any many different bits you can add to your engagement emails to make them that much better. One way of doing this, is to push your best content. promote it via soical media and use as many different channels to get it seen. If you are providing your consumers with good content that is optimsed for SEO purposes it has a much higher chance of drawing in more customers. Another great way of getting your products out there is to ask for feedback and invite your users to reply with there thoughts on your business. Amazon is a testiment to how reviews and testimonials make a big difference to consumer buying trends. Our digital marketing service has looked in to this and seen that the better the reviews there is usally a corrilation with the number of purchases.

Giveaways and contests – Rewarding your consumers is the foundation of great email marketing. This point makes you stand out from the crowd. Many companies sent out emails to their consumers and then leave it at that. They are just moving back into the large amount of other businesses that do the same. So rewarding your customers for staying with you is a great way to keep them loyal. Our digital marketing service has done some research and seen that giving your customers personalised content and giveaways is one of the best ways to retain customers and even gain some new ones.

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Alex Dibben

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