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Our digital marketing solutions can help you achieve anything online. We can do a lot of different things for you that will help you expand the awareness of your business and increase your profiles.

Social Media

If you want to do better on social media, we can help you with planning campaigns, creating content and scheduling posts in for you. There is such a big audience on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it is always worth just creating a page that you can post to. We have some pretty good techniques that have worked for our clients in the past. One of these techniques is posting before and after photos of work you have done for one of your clients/customers, obviously not every business will be able to do this and so another technique we have found to work very well is running competitions and giveaways as this gets people liking, commenting and sharing your post to gain entry into the giveaway. These can help boost your profile and you will find that you will gain a lot of followers on your pages because everyone loves something for free. We can also help you with paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We can help you find your demographic and target the appropriate audience to help you make use of these ads as efficiently as possible.

Digital Marketing Solutions Social Media

Video Production & Animation

Our team can film and edit together some brilliant videos that can promote your business or even explain one of your services, you can also use this opportunity to tell your businesses story and place the video on the homepage of your site so people can learn about your business straight away. We can bring all of our professional equipment to your workplace and film what is needed for the videos, once everything has been filmed we will go back to our offices and edit the video together, we can add transitions and effects to make the video look more professional and suit your business. We can also create animation for you. We can do this by getting our designer to create a storyboard of the animation and we will get you to give us feedback on what you think, once you are happy with it you can sign it off and we can start to create the animation. We will create this on our own software that will allow us to create anything. We can also add a voice-over to these videos if you think this would make it easier for people. Then we can export the video in Full HD and upload it to our Vimeo account and then you will be able to share this video wherever you like with no ads on it.

Email Marketing

When you own a business, you will always have people that are curious about your services and products but don’t become a customer of yours. This could be for a number of reasons but most of these people would not have left your site without signing up for your newsletters or something like that. If you have their email address then you can do an email marketing campaign to try and convince them to purchase your products or services. This can be done by creating good quality content that looks professional, you can also offer a limited time deal exclusively for the people who will receive these emails. This can help you get some more sales and enquires. If you need a way of gaining peoples email addresses to use on your campaigns, we can set up forms onto your website so when people want to receive your newsletters/marketing campaign they can just submit their contact details on this form for you to use. If you are able to enquire on your website for a service of yours you can set up a form that will allow them to enquire but also the contact data can be saved to a database and then exported at any time. You can then import this data into the software you use for your email marketing campaigns.


Search Engine Optimisation can really help with getting more people onto your site. With this service, we will work very closely to you and we will listen to what you have to say, for example, you can choose the keywords we target. We will also keep you in the loop with everything we do and we will keep you up to date with all of your keyword rankings and how much progress your site is making. We will also send you a report at the beginning of every month to let you know about your rankings and this will include a Google analytics report that will tell you how many people have been on your website and it will also show you if it has increased since the last month and if so how much by. When we start doing work on your site, we will make sure that all of the content on your website is already optimised correctly and if not, we will optimise it to make sure that you are getting the best possible chance of ranking for your keywords. Once all of that is done, we can create our own content on your site based on the keywords you have told us and what we have researched. We will be able to write any kind of content no matter what your services are or what industry you are in. We can also source our own images from free stock photo sites but if you have any, we can use that would make the content look a lot better. We can also help you set up Google ad words, we only recommend doing this type of campaign for a short period of time as if it is prolonged it can cost a lot of money to maintain. But this can be good to get quick results and get a few enquires.

Digital Marketing Solutions SEO