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At Expect Best we have years of experience in Digital Marketing and we have had many satisfied clients. We would like to share our expertise with you. We can help you build content that can be uploaded to social media or sent in an email campaign. You can see what we can do for you below:

Social Media

Social strategies can be very beneficial and you can increase your social following with one of our campaigns. We can create all of the content that will be uploaded onto your social accounts. A really good way of getting engagements is running competitions which will require people to like the post, tag a friend and then share the post to their own timeline to be entered. This is a very good way of getting awareness of your business out there. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are running as you can run any kind of competition for discounts and freebies. You can also implement the use of Facebook ads at the same time to reach more people and ultimately will accelerate the growth of your pages. You can also promote your services with the use of images. If you are a tradesman we can create a post which will show your followers before and after images on some of your jobs. This will give your followers a visual image of what your work is capable of, this way people aren’t in the dark about what you can do for them and may even encourage them to enquire for one of your services. If you decide to boost your posts with Facebook Ads, we can help you set up the campaign and help you create a demographic and use your money as efficiently as possible.

Digital Marketing Specialist Social Media
Digital Marketing Specialist Website


When you are advertising online it is important to have a website where you can have all the information about your business and the services you offer. We specialise in Brochure websites and eCommerce sites, but we can build you anything. Brochure websites are normally used to show all of the services you can do, for example, if you were a home improvements person you can have a short description about all the different services you have and you can show the results through images. An eCommerce site is where your customers will buy your products straight from the site. You can sell anything you want on your site, set the prices and run sales whenever you want to. We can design and build these two types of websites for you. With your feedback and input where needed, you will get a website that you love the look of and be happy with the way it functions.


SEO is a very powerful method to use when you are building up your online profile. If you are top of a Google search page you will have more people going onto your site, this all depends on the number of searches the phrase gets. But you will notice a significant difference with the more phrases you get ranked for. We can do this for you by coming up with the best keywords to target based on your industry and what services you offer. Then what we will do is go onto your site and optimise all of the content that is already there, this includes optimising the meta descriptions, image file names and alt tags. Once we have optimised all of the content on your site, we will create our pages that will include content based on your services and will contain your target keywords. This way Google will be able to understand more about your services and will rank you better on the keywords that have been used on these pages. Google likes to understand the topic or topics you talk about on your site and by optimising the metadata you are effective telling Google the topics that are mentioned on the page and then if Google thinks the page is good enough it will rank you in a position it thinks is best for the people who are searching for that phrase. Therefore, if Google thinks your page is the best for that phrase or topic it will rank your top for it. That is our goal, we will do all we can to make your pages as good as they can be. When this campaign is ongoing we will send you a report every month and in this report, you will find a list of your keywords and you will be able to see what position these keywords are in and it will also tell you if they have improved from the month before or not. We will also send you a Google analytics report which will tell you how many people have been on the site and if it was better or worse than the month before It will also tell you other interesting bits of data as well.

Email Marketing

When you build an email campaign, you normally are targeting leads that have already shown interest in your services. What we can do for you is take complete control of the campaign and we can help you import an email list with all of the contacts you wish to send your marketing material to. We can also help you build the content for the campaign as we can make the content engaging and people will be encouraged to possible purchase one of your services or products. We recommend to use Zoho campaigns if you haven’t already got an email marketing software. As Zoho campaigns comes with some features that will help you understand how your email marketing is performing and also has some great features to make it easier for you. To start off with you can have multiple lists to target different demographics with the import of data being simple and quick compared to other software’s. You can also see how many people opened the email and how many people click the links on the email itself. It also has a report section so you can see the data between all of your email campaigns to see which one performed the best.

Digital Marketing Specialist Email Marketing

Google Ads

Google ads are a great way to get people onto your site quickly, but this comes at a cost for every time someone clicks onto your site. This is also known as PPC (Pay Per Click), the way this works this that you will tell Google what keywords you want to target and then they will rank your ad in the dedicated ad areas which is at the top of the Google search pages. What we can do for you is research a demographic for you to understand what age and location you should be targeting to use your money as efficiently as possible. You can help us do this by telling us the ages of people that normally purchase your services/products. We can then make the ad visible for people inside your operational area. This will be the area in which you are based if you are a local business, if you offer your services nationwide then we won’t have to restrict the area in which people will be able to see the ad. We do recommend for this campaign to be short and not prolonged. This is because it can cost a lot of money to keep ads going for a long time and could be spent on something else like SEO which will be more beneficial in the long run. If you want to know more about this please get in contact with us!

Digital Marketing Specialist Google Ads


You might know what results you want from your online marketing campaigns but a lot of businesses don’t know how to get there. With us, we can help you edit your current campaigns or build a whole new strategy from the ground up to help you succeed. Get in Contact with Us Today!

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