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With Digital Marketing there are many different ways of promoting yourself online. We are here to talk you through all of the services we can do for you. This is to make your online life easier. We have had many years of experience in the digital marketing field, we can help you with a strategy in any of the services we have listed below.

Social Media

With social medias like Facebook and Instagram, you will find businesses have a strong presence on it and will post regularly. This is what you will need to be doing, and with our help we can create content that we can then schedule to go onto your page at any time. You won’t have to do anything outside of your comfort zone as we are here to do anything you can’t. Some clients prefer for us to have more control over their social media accounts than other do so you can choose how much we do. We like all of our clients to be happy with what we are posting on their page. So, we will always send you the graphics or images we have made up so that you can tell us any feedback before we post it. With Facebook you can run an ad campaign so if you want to advertise a sale or you just want to further promote your services to people who don’t follow your page. We can set up a campaign for you that will run on a budget you choose and it won’t go over that. These ads can help get your follower count up and can introduce more and more people to your page. This may benefit you in the future to get more sales and leads.

Email Campaign

We can also help you build an email marketing campaign. You can benefit from this by marketing yourself to leads that have already shown interested in your service/products. You may already have an email list that can go into your email campaign or if you don’t we can place forms onto your website where people can sign up to your newsletters/marketing content and we can also put a form on your website for when potential clients enquire about one of your services. This will mean you can get their email and other contact information from the submission of the form. With our forms you will get emailed every time the form has been submitted so you don’t miss out on a client. All the data submitted is saved into a database which you will be able to access at any time. This data can then be exported and put into an email list for you to use in your campaigns. We will be able to create the content for your campaigns; we will be able to create something that will engage your audience no matter what industry you are in.


If you have a website in which you advertise your services or you are selling products, we can help you improve your rankings so you get more people onto your site that are looking for your services. With your site we will be able to research your industry and what products you are offering to your clients. We will be able to come up with some keywords that we think you will be able to rank for well. Before we start to create our own content on your site, we will go through all of the existing content and we can then update that content to be as optimised as possible without changing how it looks, this could just be the image file names or the meta descriptions. Then we can go on to start creating content that targets your keywords. When we are doing this we will look at how you write your own pages on the site and we will write our pages to be in a similar style. The way we track your keywords is through our own software we use to scan your keywords and then it tells us where you are ranking for those keywords. We will export this information and put it into a report and we will send it to you. You will also receive a Google analytics report that will tell you how many people have been on the site and if the number has decreased or increased in the last month. If you are looking for quick results on Google you can always run a campaign on Google AdWords while your seo rankings are improving and then you can stop the campaign once you are happy with your rankings. We do only recommend that you run these campaigns for a short amount of time as the campaigns can be costly and not always profitable.

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Web Design

When you want a new website, we need to do some designs before we start to build your website and this is because we need to make sure that what you are envisioning is what we are designing. We don’t want to create a website that you don’t like or one that doesn’t meet your requirements. So, what we will do is hold a meeting with you to get a good understanding of what you want and how you want the website to look and function. We can then get a very accurate image inside our heads of what you are envisioning. We will then go and design a few pages for you to look at including the homepage of the site and then you can give us feedback on what you like and if there is anything to amend. We can also make designs for a mobile version of the site and you will be able to see what the site will look like in the mobile view before we build it and you can tell us if you want anything to look differently. It is very important to have a good-looking modern website to gain peoples attention and we know that you want it to look as good as possible no matter if the site is being built for eCommerce or a traditional brochure website. Once you are happy with the designs and have signed it all off, we will then pass it on to the development team for the next step.

Web Development

Our development team are very effective and will be able to build your website accurately to the designs. Before we start to build the site we have to make sure that you have the domain name ready and you have a server you can run the website on if you don’t have these things there is no need to worry as we can help you get set up and put you on our server for a small yearly hosting fee. Once that is all done, we will start to build your website on a CMS called WordPress. A CMS is a content management system and this is where you effectively can edit and create your content that goes onto the site. It is made to make life much easier for someone who doesn’t know a lot of code or HTML and so anyone can add or edit content. WordPress is a brilliant CMS and will make the process of building the site a lot quicker, also with the use of plugins you can make your site function in every which way you want it to and you can even make the site more secure! With Expect Best no job is too big or small for us whether you want a 1-page site that just advertises your services and gives out minimal details or if you are a big corporate company that needs a lot of pages to sell your products and services, we will be able to do it for you!


When we meet you, we will be able to discuss your strategy and it may be a case of just altering your current strategy you have. Or for us to help you completely build a new strategy from the ground up. We have worked with many different businesses across a load of industries from a small locally run business to large corporate companies. If you want to find out more from us please get in contact with us!

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