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Digital Strategy

To have a successful Digital strategy you need to identify your target audience and have a good idea of what your audience wants to see and hear from you. With us we can do all the hard work for you so you don’t have to. Our strategies are tailored to each client we deal with and our clients are always happy with the work that we accomplish.

Social Media

Strategies for social media can be very different depending on the industry you are trading in. If you are a tradesman you will want to take photos of your work as “Before & After” image posts. This will promote your services and give your followers a visual representation of what you can do for them. If you are an online store you may want to release updates on new things that you get in stock and if there are any sales going on as releasing this information on social media will encourage people to follow you and keep up to date with everything going on. A survey has gathered information and posted the results saying that 52% of consumers have discovered a brand just from Facebook marketing. That is a very big number and those people could be your audience and they could be looking for services like yours on Facebook. Social media has a huge influence on people and if you have a business page where your customers and clients can leave reviews and share them on their timelines, they can also recommend your services if anyone is looking for products you offer. Social media is becoming more and more of a place to find local businesses and having a strong profile will bring you more business. We can help you make this happen with our strategies we can build your following and promote your services so people come to you when they need services you offer.

Digital Strategy Social media
Digital Strategy SEO


SEO which is also known as Search Engine Optimisation, is a method or process where we will optimise the content on your site and add our own content to target certain keywords. Our strategies can help your website gain more users each month by targeting an audience that is very specific to your business and the services you offer. The way you will be getting more users is through the improvement in your organic search rankings on Google. So, when people search for a service or business type on Google your website will be amongst the list at the top of the first page. When acquiring the keywords, we will need to know if your services are local or national so we can target specific areas based on where you are based and how far your services extend out to. While doing seo we will keep you up to date with a report at the beginning of every month to update you on the keywords we are targeting and what rankings they are you will also be able to see if the keywords has improved since the last month or not. We will also send you metrics from google analytics so you can see the amount of people that have been on your site in the last month and you will also be able to see things like bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of people that visit the site but only stay on one page then exit the site. Our strategies will not only help you gain more visitors to your site it will also mean more people will enquire for your services or purchase a product.

Email Campaign

Once you have built a relationship with your existing client base email marketing can be a great way to keep in touch with them, and keep them updated with everything happening with your business. Once a customer has brought something from you it is then much easier to get them to purchase again. As long as these customers have opted in to receive your marketing emails you will be able to send them promotional material to encourage them to come back and purchase another product or service from you. Our strategy can help customers receive marketing content that will interest them and encouraged to come back to your site and purchase a service or product from you.

Data Collection

We can create forms that your clients and customer can enquire from to get a quote from you on a service you provide from this you will be able to gain data like email addresses and if they opt in for your marketing material to be sent to them you can include them into your campaign. Our forms will save all the data it captures into a data base which then can be exported into an excel. We can provide you with these forms so you can start collecting data.


When you own a business, you know what results you want to get but you don’t always know the correct path to get there. That is why our consultancy services are so important and we can help you get into the right path in the digital world. You may just need some assistance in your current affairs or we can help you build a whole new strategy to help you reach your goals. We have worked with a lot of business that all have their own unique requirements when it comes to results but there is one main goal, they all have in mind and that is to increase their revenue. We can help you build an audience, create content, build your brand image and ultimately increase your sales. Speak to us today to find out exactly how we can help you go further online.

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