We provide ecommerce web design Bournemouth for online stores which can handle anything between 10-,100,000 products!

Ecommerce web design Bournemouth is something we have been working with for a long time, we have build ecommerce web design Bournemouth sites for boiler parts, magic stores, merchandise, deal style websites and much more. Ecommerce web design Bournemouth is one of our strongest areas of expertise. We can help you with the planning, design, development and marketing of your store from concept to helping you make your sales on a regular basis. We have encorporated many features in our ecommerce web design Bournemouth packages to include pretty much anything and everything you can think of from a fully functional online store. We can also add your products for you from an existing store or if you have the products in a format ready to import we will be able to assist with this process for your ecommerce web design Bournemouth.

Our ecommerce web design packages are designed around the most modern and adaptable ecommerce practices. Our ecommerce web design Bournemouth package includes the following features:
Ecommerce web design Products:

– Ability to create and manage products
– One product can show in several categories
– Stock control
– Several images per product with zoom and slider
– Badges for specific products, i.e sale etc
– Downloadable files for products
– Related products
– Variants for each product
– Product options
– Supporting product files
– Custom fields for products
– Manufacturers support
– Limit product sales by date and login
– Waiting list for out of stock items
– Modular additional product listings
– Comparison system
– Filter products based on their attributes
– (ecommerce web design Bournemouth product importation optional)

Ecommerce Pricing:
– Product prices in several currencies
– Manage tax rules
– Prices automatically calculated on currency rates
– Automatically update currency rates

Ecommerce Sales:
– No limit on number of orders
– Easy order management
– History of orders modifications
– Invoice display and print
– Multi cart
– Wishlist management
– Guest checkout

Ecommerce Marketing:
– Custom fields for user information
– Customised sales emails
– Integration with Google products
– Discounts and coupons
– Restrict discounts and coupons
– Affiliate program
– SEO friendly (ecommerce web design Bournemouth analysis included)

Ecommerce Statistics:
– Powerful dashboard
– Highly customisable reports
– Tables and pie charts on sales
– Heatmap of sales per country
– Tracking of affiliate leads / clicks / sales
– Tracking of sales with Google analytics

Ecommerce Web Design Bournemouth Help & Support:
– UK Support from our Bournemouth / Poole based offices
– Personal phone and email support