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Email Marketing Benefits

Once you have built a relationship with your customers, email marketing can be used to stay in touch with them. Email marketing works because it is so simple and the easiest way to welcome someone to your brand or even wishing them a happy birthday, this will let your customers know that they are valued as a customer. Customers love it when you treat them as an individual and not as a group of people. Email marketing allows you to segment your customers into different lists based on what their preferences are for personalised content. With this you will be able to create the perfect subject line to images that the customer will love, this will help to drive engagement.

Building credibility with your customer base can really help with future sales, knowing what your customers want and tailoring your content towards that is what will keep your emails in their inbox and not in the spam folder. Having a permission-based email list that includes a checkbox for users to opt-in to your mailing list ensures that a customer knows which emails they’re signing up for, and how often they’ll receive them.

Email Marketing Benefits

Making your brand recognition better is also a benefit of email marketing. It gives you a direct line to your customers or potential customers email inboxes. Once you start creating valuable content for the consumer you will have the edge over the competition. Emails can also get you very useful feedback, you can use a survey to ask if they are happy with the content they are receiving and if they like how the website looks and if there’s anything that could improve it. Once you get your customers involved, you’ll know exactly how to provide valuable content in your emails.

This can boost your sales as email generates around $37B retail sales annually. Email marketing provides a great opportunity for impulse buying. You can entice a customer to make another purchase in a few ways, feature items that are often purchased alongside the products the customer has brought. List similar items to the customer’s past purchase, and create a special offer or discount for future purchases. Customers often act on impulse when they get an email letting them know about a relevant product that is related to their previous purchase. This is especially true if there is a relevant promotion.

Email Marketing Benefits

If you are a small business, you know that there are time and budgets you have to keep to, one of the significant advantages of email marketing is the efficient use of time and budget as designing a professional campaign isn’t complicated, or time-consuming. Sending emails to many subscribers is also still cost-effective.

Our brilliant team are able to carry out this work for you as they have had years of experience within email marketing and know what works and what to avoid. Your campaign will be designed and check by you before we send it out to your email list. You may find that an email campaign will boost the traffic to your site as people get engaged by a good campaign.

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