Excel at Adwords: Why Your Business Needs an Adwords Consultant

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Published by: Alex Dibben

Did you know in the United States, people spend nearly $200 billion every year on digital advertising? That is a ton of money!

Digital advertising comes in many forms, but we’ll just focus on Google Adwords for now since it is the largest form of Pay Per Click advertising.

If you utilize PPC effectively, you can essentially turn $1 into $2 or more whenever you want and scale up as much as you want for your business. But if you aren’t experienced, you can lose money instead!

Don’t worry if you don’t know much about pay per click advertising, don’t worry. Here is a short guide on what Adwords is, why it may not be something you want to do yourself, and how to find an Adwords consultant.

What is PPC Advertising?

When you search for something online, you see the search results as well as ads on the top and sides of the screen. You have to pay to put ads there.

There aren’t upfront costs, but when someone clicks on your ad you pay a small fee. That’s why it’s called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Google is the largest search engine, and Adwords is their network.

Why Should You Use It?

When you do a search in Google, you will usually see the ads at the top and side of the screen with a slightly different color. This really stands out to people doing a search, and they are more likely to click on it instead of scrolling to find something else. This is especially true when it comes to mobile ads, which is a $17 billion industry.

This means if your ad is at the top, you can get a lot of clicks to your website. This is far quicker and easier to do than SEO, which requires a website with constant new content and a lot more work.

You can set up a basic PPC campaign in a matter of minutes, and then the clicks will start happening and visits to your website.

Or will they?

Harder Than it Sounds

The principle of PPC is pretty simple, but implementing it successfully is complicated.

It is kind of like gambling. If you are experienced you can make a lot of money quickly. But if you don’t know what you are doing, you can also go broke really fast.

Before starting a PPC campaign, you need to do plenty of research. If your keywords are not ever searched for, you’re just wasting time targeting non-profitable keywords. If you target keywords that are too competitive you may end up just fighting for ad space. If you target no-buyer keywords you may not make any money.

If you aren’t willing to spend enough, your ads won’t show very often. If you spend too much, you’ll lose a lot of money. If you’re ad writing isn’t very good, you may not get any clicks even if your ads do show up.

You’ll also want to track everything meticulously to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Just Hire an Adwords Consultant

As you can see, making a profit with PPC advertising could be very tricky if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. That is why if you are serious about using PPC for your business, it is best to simply hire an Adwords consultant.

Just make sure to choose someone reliable who has plenty of experience. You need a professional who can reduce your cost per click, improve your click through rates, and help you make a profit.

If you need help setting up a profitable campaign, then we specialize in Adwords and would love to help. Just use our contact page and we’ll help you get started!

Written byAlex Dibben

Alex Dibben

Alex Dibben, holds a degree in Software Development and Business from the University of Portsmouth. He serves as the Director of Expect Best Ltd and has 20+ years experience in Web Design & Digital Marketing. Expect Best Ltd expertly manages more than 400+ client accounts, showcasing their proficiency in Digital Marketing & Web Design. Visit Linkedin Profile


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