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Expect Best will reduce costs and increase quality and quantity of your finance leads.

Finance Leads


Finding adequate finance leads can spell the difference between success and failure for your sales team.

However, your staff operate at a fixed rate, whether you expect results or not. So, how do you ameliorate the situation? Think quality over quantity. If you can feed your sales team high-quality leads then you could theoretically cut back on the amount of staff you need to hire in future. That way, you could receive more with less, whilst no longer having to worry about salespeople earning the same commission or income. Whilst wonderful in concept, this notion is somewhat complicated by a stream of leads agitated over being contacted. Especially if they’re not yet ready to make a decision about buying your services. This can make life difficult for even the most seasoned of sales staff.

So why not keep customer and staff stress levels to a minimum by finding quality leads who want what you offer.

How we source finance leads

Generate fresh, easy-to-convert leads.

At Expect Best, we source unique and exclusive finance leads that can place your business in first contact with the more ideal prospects. Better yet, we make them go directly to you. Unlike some finance leads — which are sent to multiple companies who end up in a “bidding war” — we give you a selection of fresh, easy to convert leads. After all, its real people who are looking for what you offer — so why not let them? If an individual has already shown an initial interest in searching for your product then they are more inclined to purchase right away. Using our research, we can find and ensure that these prospects are more inclined to come your way. to do this, our team utilise key phrases that prospects might use when researching their own financial situation or options. However, our focus would be on those keywords where people are looking to buy. For example, “local mortgage company” is a better keyword to target finance leads than something undefined like, “what is a mortgage”.

There is a clear distinction in semantics between those researching the service versus the prospect who knows what they want.

What SEO finance leads can do for your business

Create an organic means of first contact.

SEO is perhaps the cleanest method used to source the most refined finance leads. In fact, we would go as far as to say that they are the key to connecting directly to your potential customer. There’s no third parties involved – just genuine enquiries looking for a service that you supply. No more buying finance leads in bulk in those horrendous bidding wars. No more twiddling your thumbs concerned over the effectiveness of your sales team. With SEO, you can identify the market and undertake keyword research associated with your service. That way, you can create an organic means of first contact that will satisfy the potential customer to a point where they are ready to make an enquiry. The best bit? You own this digital space. Like we said, no more third parties.

Once you have an optimised position your cost per lead will drop and you’ll have achieved a big advantage over your competition.

Enquire about the costs of SEO finance leads

Can you afford NOT to capitalise on SEO?

We know from experience that by generating finance leads through SEO that the cost per enquiry is the most cost effective method. This is great news for those looking for a method that will reduce your costs over a 12 month period. So if your business requires finance leads then there is no better place to start than by speaking to one of our lead generation specialists. Our dedicated team has real world experience in generating thousands of leads for finance companies. We can give you advice on some of the best starting positions for your finance lead campaigns. The cost of finance leads can wildly vary and is dependent on your market sector.

However, as you know, finance is a broad subject and can be considered to cover the following . . .

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⬛ | Insurance leads
⬛ | Pension leads
⬛ | Credit cards
⬛ | Loans
⬛ | Investments & savings
⬛ | Debt consolidation
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