Digital Marketing

Gaining & Converting Leads

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Gaining and converting leads doesn’t have to be hard and can actually not be too difficult to do if you know the right tricks. Looking back at 2020, there was a lot of uncertainty and things like events that were so reliable for people to gain leads from might not always be a possible or guaranteed method of gaining leads, so having another plan that doesn’t involve physical contact with other people is vital.

To generate some of the best leads you need to know your audience and what they are looking for. You can find this out from your existing customers and your website analytics to your one-time visitors and digital marketing campaign results. You have so much data at your fingertip.


Social Media

Using social media can introduce thousands of new leads, so make your presence count. Boost your engagements with stories and lives videos, this can all help to build a relationship with your audience, affiliate, influencer and partner marketing campaigns experiment with socials selling and employee advocacy, you can take advantage of all this by linking back to your website in the post.


Personalised Content

It is very important to personalise your content as good data can tell you exactly what your audience wants to see, you can personalise landing pages and URLs to deliver a bespoke experience. Analytics can help you see where you need to improve on your website, it will show you your best-performing pages, highlight your top referrer channels and so much more!


To generate leads to your website you must optimize your website with SEO as that will drive more traffic to your website that is specifically looking for a keyword that is associated with your website. We are specialists in SEO so we know what we are talking about and can provide a service for you to do this. It is important that not only is your site optimised for desktop users but also for tablet and mobile as more and more users are taking advantage of the easy nature of searching for things on their phones.


Interactive Content

Making sure your content is interactive is the way of the future as static content will be something of the past, you can create content that is interactive with surveys, quizzes, tool kits and competitions. This can be a lead magnet if done correctly.

Real-Time Response Culture

Implementing a real-time response culture can help you as people demand immediacy. We are just too used to instant responses from chatbots, we expect hyper-fast replies, next day delivery and real-time updates. Your follow-up approach to leads needs to cater to this.

Email Marketing

Another great way of gaining and converting leads is by having a form on your website or an email submit box that users can fill in to receive marketing emails from you as everybody knows that these emails could contain discounts or offers that they otherwise could miss. Then to convert these you can create an email marketing campaign with an attractive discount or offer to make them purchase something from your website.