Everything We Know About the Google Watch in February 2019

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In the UK, smartwatches reached sales of four million devices in 2016.

However, with the launch of the Google Watch in February of 2019, smartwatch sales could reach an all-time high.

Although Google has tried to keep as much information on this watch a secret, here’s what we know so far.

1. Three Types of Watches

Google plans on launching three types of watches during the launch of the Triton, Sardine, and Sardine.

Instead of launching three separate products, Google wants to launch three very similar watches that will only differ in size and features.

2. Heart Rate Sensor

It’s not clear which models yet, but the Google Watch will include a heart rate sensor. Not only will the watch be able to track the heart rate for optimal fitness performance, but it will also be able to track stress levels.

3. Wearing Your Passwords on Your Wrist

There are rumours the watch will help replace the use of passwords. Since many people use weak passwords, in fact, 19 per cent of businesses have weak or easy to crack passwords.

Watches will be a new physical security key that will most likely replace passwords in the future.

4. Google Assistant at All Times

Of course, it is expected for the Google Watch to come with a Google assistant integrated into the watch.

With the watch, you will not have to pull your phone out to activate Google assistant, you can do it all from the comfort of your wrist.

5. Never Functionality Over Looks

Although most people expect smart-watches to be large and bulky to accommodate all the functions, the Google Watch will be different.

The Google Watch doesn’t plan on sacrificing looks for functionality. Those interested in this watch can expect the design to be functional and stylish.

6. Prolonged Battery Life

Most popular OS watches don’t have the best battery life reputation. This watch, however, will feature a Qualcomm chip will give the watch a battery boost.

Of course, battery life will also depend on other factors such as wear and features.

7. Google Manufactured Watch

This is a watch that will be entirely manufactured by Google. Despite there being plenty of smartwatches on the market, Google had yet to launch a product of this calibre on their own.

8. Google Spent $40 Million

It’s rumoured that Google spent $40 million to acquire Fossil’s smartwatch technology.

With this deal, Google also acquired Fossil’s development and research team to join its smartwatch efforts.

New Google Watch: The Bottom Line

The launch of the Google Watch will be an exciting time for those who are a fan of the brand and want the technology behind the smartwatch.

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