Graphic Design Bournemouth – Social Media Do’s & Don’t

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Graphic Design Bournemouth – Social Media Do’s & Don’t

It’s always tough as a business to start out on social media. The constant evolution of social networks is also another hurdle that people struggle to keep up with. You’ll achieve the most success when you have a good balance of both human and business elements. What I am meaning by this is that you are promoting your services and product but also adding more personal bits of the business, for example, adding information about a new staff member who has just joined. If you need help with your social presence then please get in contact with our Graphic design Bournemouth company on 01202 237027.


Great content is always a bonus of social media but there are other uses that they have. Interaction is a great way to retain customers and also to obtain new ones. Looking for a recommendation? Ask your Facebook audience. Having people ask questions about your company on Twitter?  Send the person a friendly reply that gives them a solution. What I am trying to get across is that it is important to build connections and add value to your customers, that way you will be giving off a good image. A perfect example of this would be Coca-Cola as shown below. They reply to their customer with a solution and in a friendly manner.

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Oversharing & Spam

There’s a known rule within the social media world. It’s called the Goldilocks principle. The gist of this is that you don’t post too much, or too little, but just the right amount to engage your audience and keep them interested. Things like constant posting have a negative effect on your companies image and the message you are trying to get across can be lost in that. This rule, however, doesn’t always apply to platforms such as Twitter, this is because messages can be lost in the vast amount of content that is being posted. So adding the same message a few times can be beneficial. Very similar to this spamming is also not a good way to go about getting your content out there. This just angers people and doesn’t do your business justice. Our experienced graphic design bournemouth company has had many years dealing with this, so if you need any help and advice then please give us a call on 01202 237027.

Brand Consistent

Consistency is key. You need to make sure you don’t lose your brand identity when you are working across all the different platforms. Make sure you carefully plan each post, have a vision and plan the path to reach it. This will hopefully mean that you won’t go off course with the message you are trying to get across. This can also be the same for setting up the account on different social media. You need to ensure that the logos, names and colours are the same. This makes it recognisable and easier for people to know your brand better.

Don’t fixate on numbers

We have found that many of our new clients have been focusing on the numbers and not the quality of them. It’s always been quality over quantity. If you have 10,000 Instagram follows and 6,000 of them are fake bots that only follow people and have no content, it means that you are producing a large amount of content to an audience that isn’t listening or reading. So, essentially you are wasting your time. If you do need any social media help, then please contact our graphic design Bournemouth company via email or give us a call on 01202 237027.

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