You’ve put a lot of resources into creating a great new mobile app. Now, if you could just get people to use it!

Mobile app usage is a big challenge to companies. Stats show engagement drops dramatically, even in the first month. But how do keep more eyes on your app in the long-term? 

With a bit of creative thinking, you can have more people using and talking about your app. Read on for some popular strategies to keep users coming back.

1. Make The App Icon Stand Out

This may seem simple, but improving the icon that people see when they’re searching for apps can help improve how many people will click on it. 

Consider if a user has a choice of four apps including yours, that all serve the same function. They will more likely click on the one that’s most visually appealing from the get-go. 

A well-designed app icon is more than just a logo. It’s a way to give users an idea of what to expect from the app. 

2. Use Push Notifications

You may have great initial engagement with your app. However, over time, you’ll probably find that natural engagement will start to drop off. 

In fact, data shows only 37 percent of people use an app a month after they download it. 

One way to combat this is through push notifications, which simply means sending your users updates on their mobile screen. These updates can be product launches, special offers, or an invite to read a blog post. 

Sending regular notifications can help keep your product or service at the front of a client’s mind. 

3. Improve The User Experience

Once someone clicks on your app, they’re not going to stick around if the interface is difficult to navigate. That’s where user interface design comes into play for user retention. 

This generally means how easy your app is to use, and how quickly a person can navigate through it. Are the clickable features too close together? Is the font used hard to read? Those are a couple of the questions to consider for user experience. 

Using analytics that shows user behaviour (such as where they get stuck or leave the app) can be helpful to make some tweaks. You can also leave the door open to feedback, to find out right from the user what needs to be improved.

4. Offer In-App Deals

One of the benefits of mobile apps is that you can send exclusive coupons or discount codes to app users. One way to do this is by creating a QR code that can be scanned for a deal at a store checkout. At the same time, you can use push notifications to inform people about these deals. 

To take this a step further, you can also create customer loyalty programs that allow them to collect points by scanning the app. The users can then redeem the points for discounts on future purchases, for example. 

Better Mobile App Usage is a Click Away

By making a few tweaks to your existing app or incorporating these features into new apps, you can help drive higher mobile app usage and user engagement. 

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