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How to Increase B2B Leads

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Why You Should Want to Increase B2B Leads

Generating leads in a cost-effective way is key to remaining competitive in any market. Businesses that rely on leads may already find themselves searching for sustainability each and every day. However, some might not be working in their favour. If this sounds familiar, they should consider reducing their dependency on ill-fitting methods of generating business. For example, perhaps they’ve employed expensive sales tactics that prompt exposure but fail to deliver much else. Worst still, maybe they have sales staff habitually targeting cold data which continually turns up short. To those businesses we say this – take the leap. At Expect Best, we can show you how to increase B2B leads. Our enviable team of experts carry out specialist services that have prompted dozens of businesses to reassess their habits. This has triggered sweeping staff consolidation and reconfigurations whilst massively increasing said businesses lead conversions.

Expect Best can help you . . .

Reduce staffing costs

Save time converting

Cut dependency on ads

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How to Increase B2B Leads

Effective marketing is a gradual, long-term commitment.

The World Wide Web is home to hundreds of channels for generating leads. Naturally, this broad selection can discombobulate businesses and push them into unpremeditated choices. Ones that aren’t always best suited to the nature of their business. After all, without the guidance of an experienced third party familiar with B2B lead generation, that business may as well take a shot in the dark. On the other hand, they could simply employ a third party. One that works with various businesses of all sizes and helps them consistently reap high rewards.

That’s exactly what we do at Expect Best. Our team are able to recommend specific strategies tailored to your business that will increase the B2B leads that you need. The key to remaining competitive in any market is generating leads in a cost-effective way. To discover which way works best for your business and requires the most investment are the questions that most businesses have. However, to best answer that, businesses need to know that effective marketing simply cannot take shape overnight. This is a gradual process that is best approached as a monthly budget that consistently builds momentum over the course of at least 12 months. That’s why any of the methods below function as great sources for lead generation. In this regard, cross-promotion or upselling of another product could be considered to be a lead – as it would give your business the ability to generate more revenues from the same customer. Now that we know the sort of long-term commitment businesses should make when wanting to know how to increase B2B leads – we can delve into those best methods (in no particular order):


In lieu of earning “organic” visitors, push traffic to your website by bidding for ad placement.


Want more clicks, clients and queries? Effective SEO helps Google see that you’re seen online.

Email marketing

Reach out to customers – past and new – and update them on a whole host of products and services.

SMS marketing

Send time-sensitive promotional offers, updates and alerts directly to your customer’s pockets.

Social media

A personal way of keeping your current clients up-to-date with what you’re doing as a business.

Targeted Re-marketing

Lost touch with users who’ve clicked onto your site? Strategically reconnect using targeted ads.
How to Increase B2B Leads

The Best Method to Increase B2B Leads

Based on our experience, the methods that work best are those which are the hardest to see a return on in the short term. In this regard, the king is certainly SEO. Getting your website to the top of Google is the pinnacle of online marketing. SEO might sound like some dark art but it’s far from it. Many businesses implement huge amounts of natural lead generation due to the amount of trust it instils in organic visitors. This method is also a great long-term tool. It’s like having an ad running 24/7 – 365 days a year with no cost per click. Frankly, if you’re interested in how to increase B2B leads, we consider SEO to be the ultimate method for B2B lead generation. Especially if you can get your website to the top of Google – or even the first page, then you’re in the Goldilocks zone. Whilst other channels also work, they do incur sustained costs. SEO can be the same but if you decide to pause it for a month then enquires will still come. This is typically not the case for any other method of B2B lead generation.

How Much Will it Cost to Increase B2B Leads?

Increase B2B leads the cost-effective way.

The cost to increase B2B leads can vary. Each and every industry is different and has its own varying levels of competition. Our team can look at your industry and make an educated recommendation of an advised budget. This is based on the competition levels at hand and the keywords your business is trying to target. Other methods offer a clearer indication of cost – such as email marketing – but the cost per lead may not be as consistent. The key to remaining competitive in any market is in generating leads in a cost-effective way, which is why we always recommend SEO. Otherwise, we have seen campaigns take enquires but on other occasions, no leads might be generated. Therefore, these methods can be considered “hit and miss”.

If you are considering increasing your B2B leads, you can speak to one of our digital lead generation specialists. There is no obligation to implement a campaign but it will give you a great overview of the steps needed to take your business to the next level.

How to Increase B2B Leads