Digital Marketing

How To Increase Sales and Enquiries

So, you want to increase sales and enquiries coming from your website, social media or any other platforms. You need to look at where most of your audience is going to be searching from and try to optimise their experience on the platforms that will be most beneficial to your business. There are many different ways you can do this; We are here to show you exactly what you can do to make this happen and what kind of benefits you can get from completing this work.

Accepting the future is a very important aspect of staying with the times and your audiences’ preferences. A lot more people are using their mobile devices more and more now; So making your website mobile friendly is important especially if your audience is young and will use the latest technology to find businesses like yours. You won’t get many enquiries if your users can’t access and move around your site very well. An even better solution would be to create an app for your users to download and be able to see all of your products and services available to them. We understand that not all businesses can afford an app but if you can it is definitely worth it.

Loyalty is also key to increasing sales and enquiries as it is proven that it’s easier to keep customers than finding new ones. Therefore, launching a loyalty scheme will help you to retain your customers and make them come back for the many great deals and offers they can get from you. These schemes can be implemented in a few different ways. You can use the app we talked about earlier to set up a point-based rewards system where the consumer gets points based on how much they spend with you and the points can then be redeemed at a later date. You can also send out an email to all of your customers you have on your email list to let them know that there is an exclusive deal on the website or in-store (if you have one) for them to redeem.

How To Increase Sales and Enquires From Your Website

Getting email addresses might seem easy to do but can’t be quite hard to get if you don’t follow the correct steps to persuading your users to give you their personal email. If you have an eCommerce store you can take advantage of login accounts to gain a bigger database of emails. When a user is signing up to your site you can add an opt-out of the marketing opportunities field that the user can tick if they don’t want to receive emails or any other marketing content from you.

This way you will know that whatever emails you get that don’t have the field ticked are good leads and are more likely to purchase something from you, compared to buying leads this is definitely the more effective way of building a data list. It’s not always about how many leads you get but the quality of the leads you have.

An app can also be used to gain email addresses and other information you can use to contact your customers. What you do is use a social login via Facebook and this will allow you to capture their email address and build your database even further and make your marketing efforts much more efficient. Learn More about what you can do with apps here!

Social media is a great tool for people to keep up with other peoples lives and has been a great way for businesses to keep their audience engaged and up to date with all the latest that might be going on. Running a competition every week can really help to spread your brand awareness and following on your social pages. Even though this approach might not increase your sales and enquiries straightaway it gets people talking about your business and therefore will trigger people to “trying it out” or becoming a regular customer. This works especially well if you can give away food or an item that people will always need. People can’t resist free stuff and if the requirements to your giveaway are for them to like the post, tag a friend and share it to their timeline then your brand will be well known in no time.

Lead Generation Tactics

Organic Search Results are the most popular way to find services and businesses for a consumer; being able to tap into this will help you increase the traffic to your site which can then lead to sales and enquires. You might ask “how do I tap into this market?” Well SEO is the best way to do so and the most effective by far. Although it is a timely process once you have a good footing in the organic search results you will really see the advantages of it. We are experts in SEO and can provide you with a great campaign if you feel like you want it. We can establish the best keywords to target and optimise all of the content on your site so Google will feel the need to rank you higher than you currently are. Click Here to read more about SEO.

If you are looking at this page and thinking these strategies and campaigns could work for you and your business, please get into contact with us and we will be able to talk you through everything we can do for you.