Google currently has about 90% of the market share of search engines worldwide. There’s no doubt that ranking higher on Google is key for drawing in attention to your website. But how can you achieve that?

Try using SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s the process of tailoring your webpage to optimise where it lands on Google and other search engines. In this guide, we’ll give you a rundown of the key SEO basics so that you can learn how to rank higher on Google.

How to Rank Higher on Google: Using Keywords

The cornerstone of SEO is the keyword. Think about any time you perform a Google search. You type in words or phrases that will hopefully lead you to a web page that you’re seeking.

To come up with keywords, write down a list of words or phrases relevant to your business. Then, when you have a target keyword or phrase in mind, apply the following:

  • Add the keyword to your title. After all, the title of your page should define the content within. And to Google, the sooner the keyword is present on the page, the more relevant it registers as being to the content.
  • Use that keyword early. The rule of thumb is to place it in the first 100 words. Again, that registers as being more relevant to the page. 
  • Place your keyword in the header. 
  • Place your keyword in the page URL. 
  • Add your keyword throughout the page, but don’t overdo it! Obviously, you want to include your keyword in writing on the page. But if you overdo it, it can actually count against your SEO score — this is called “keyword stuffing”.

Unsure of how to find your own keywords? It might be beneficial to hire a professional.

How to Rank Higher on Google: Focusing on Content

Google is starting to take into consideration how well the content of the page links to the keywords, and the algorithms are only going to improve. The best way how to rank higher on Google isn’t any tricks: it’s to simply create great content. And if you have great content, it’ll keep readers coming back for more.

Try these tips for improving the content of your page:

  • Post longer content. Not only will it afford you the chance to add in more keywords naturally, but a longer post is considered more authentic. Google recognises longer posts as more relevant to the topic at hand.
  • Avoid spelling and grammar errors. Too many of these and both Google and your visitors will write you off as a disreputable source.
  • Utilise outbound linking. Only linking to your own internal pages raises huge red flags on Google’s authenticity meter. Of course, be sure that the websites you link to are high-quality and aren’t competitors!
  • And utilise internal linking. Of course, your main goal is to keep visitors on your page. And it decreases your “bounce rate” (when people show up, view one page, and then leave), which will help your ranking dramatically.
  • Have a great meta descriptionThis is the snippet on Google describing your page, and it’s what will determine whether or not someone clicks the link. And, of course, the more clicks, the higher up in rankings it will go.

Content is king. Use SEO in combination with content marketing to boost business growth to the extreme.

Now You Know the Basics!

Now you know how to rank higher on Google thanks to these basic SEO tips. The importance of SEO for a business cannot be overstated. 

Sound a bit overwhelming? We’d be happy to optimise your website for SEO. Contact our team of experts today and learn more about what we can do to improve your Google ranking.