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Why you should shift your focus to inbound leads

Control the cost, number and type of leads you generate.

Your business, your rules – right? For the most part, yes. But when it comes to generating leads for your business? Not quite. In reality, this is a heady hill to die on. Business owners have conflicting thoughts, feelings and superstitions with their promotional campaigns. After all, drawing in potential sales and much-needed attention to their products or services is an integral part of the process. Yet, there’s no denying that inbound leads are a brilliant way for businesses to take control of their lead generation process. Through it, they can control the cost, number and type of leads they generate. So, by shifting focus to inbound leads, businesses become less dependent on outbound lead generation. Those that reassess the balance and generate inbound leads typically find these far easier to convert into leads. This is simply because the would-be customer has already expressed an interest in the product or service.

How do you generate inbound leads?

A business must create content that its audience craves.

More often than not, when it comes to hiring an SEO lead generation company, each one is bound to tell you that they are the best. After all, a prospective employee will want to come across as the very best candidate for an advertised role. However, you need to concentrate and see what sets their SEO services apart from their competition. Choosing the ideal SEO lead generation company for your business depends on a few different factors.

Take this hypothetical . . .

Suppose there are 49,500 searches every month in the world for “BMW for sale”. Such big figures indicate a big demand. However, we also know that this search presents a great opportunity for generating enquiries for our business. By identifying these searches or “keywords” we are taking advantage of a lucrative opportunity. By effectively spending our time in such a way, we will potentially generate a great source of inbound leads. These inbound leads are then passed onto an internal sales team for processing. The intention of targeting these inbound leads will be to transfer them into a sale and ultimately into a committed customer.
Inbound Leads

What’s the difference between outbound and inbound leads?

It’s the difference between passive and impassive communication.

Inbound leads have approached the company and responded to a piece of original content they’ve found on their own accord. The key part here is that the inbound leads have seen the business offers a potential solution to a problem they face. Hence why they enquired in the first place. In short, by following this inbound method, a business is more or less assured of receiving firm enquiries from a keen buyer.

In comparison to this, outbound leads are where the business has actively sent a message to the customer. This could be something as simple as posting a flyer through the door; in the hope that their would-be customer responds. Whilst outbound lead generation might initially be quicker, its conversion numbers are far lower. Therefore, some of these techniques can prove unfruitful. This is particularly evident when compared to the higher yield of inbound leads.

Inbound Leads

How much do inbound leads cost?

Affords yourself a far clearer indication of firm figures.

Broadly speaking, the cost of inbound leads drastically varies from industry to industry. Individual businesses like yours can track the number of enquiries originating from campaigns. However, generally speaking, they are always measurable when put under closer scrutiny. Once fed into a CRM system, the system will then allow you to track the cost per enquiry and cost per customer. This affords you a far clearer indication of firm figures. However, whilst the cost drastically varies, the more important question is how much inbound leads would cost you were you not to pursue them?

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Create a far higher amount of sales opportunities.

At Expect Best, we effectively generate inbound leads for our client’s businesses. Our lead generation specialists build targeted strategies that help clients generate high-quality leads. Once acquired, their internal sales staff take over managing these inbound leads. This allows them to create a far higher amount of sales opportunities through their nurturing phase. If you have any burning inbound leads requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Our accommodating team would be more than happy to offer a free consultation on how you and your business can generate more inbound leads.
Inbound Leads