Mobile apps are everywhere. They’ve changed the way we live our lives, the ways in which we communicate, create, play games, and even how we get from one place to another.

While some apps are wildly successful, many more aren’t. One factor that separates the successful from the flops is how easier they are to use.

So you’ve created an app. That’s great, but you’d better make sure that your mobile app is user friendly.

This article takes a look at the elements that make a mobile app easy to use. Keep reading to see why this is so important.

1. Keep it Simple

Keep it simple stupid. This has long been one of the key aspects of good design. The user interface should have simple navigation that makes life easy for the user. If the user needs guidance to find their way around the app and its functionality, you’ve failed.

2. Make the Most of Color

Apps that are easy to use draw the eye with color. This is typically achieved by employing a limited color palette in the design.

Color should be used to help the user navigate the layout rather than overwhelm the eye. Black and white are a good choices for the title and footer area, while bolder colors such as orange and red serve to anchor the focus.

3. Icons

The use of icons to guide users is a smart way to enhance the mobile app experience. Icons are an essential design element, especially when used against a bland background. 

Icons imply action and thus help to draw the user in, while reducing the learning curve of the mobile app experience.

4. The In-App Purchase Experience

One for the most annoying aspects of some mobile apps is aggressive in-app purchase options. The best approach to in-app purchases is to offer the user just enough to prompt them to pay. For many users, this is the part of the user experience that causes them to reduce their use of a mobile app.

5. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Many apps fail because they are only available on certain mobile devices. This is a huge mistake. Even a mobile app that is well designed and user friendly might find it difficult to gain traction if it isn’t available on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android.

6. The Core Feature Should Solve a Problem

Consumers are drawn to apps that help to simplify their lives. That’s why it’s so important for the core feature you offer to flawlessly deliver a function or service that makes daily life better rather than more complicated.

Take a look in the app store and you’ll notice that the most successful apps focus on doing one thing really well. In fact, they do that one thing better than anyone else.

The Importance of Making Certain that Your Mobile App is User Friendly

Making certain that a mobile app is user friendly is the primary key to success. No matter how flashy or impressive your app might be, users are drawn to apps that are easy to use.

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