Digital Marketing

Lead Generation Marketing

Gaining leads can be a tricky task and needs to be done correctly to gain full effect. With us we can help you generate more leads and take care of these leads for the future.


Acquiring Leads

To acquire more leads, we can create content for you to share across all of your various marketing channels this can be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and more. You may have a platform where you find most of your audience is active on and we can post engaging content onto these. By doing this you are attracting potential leads and steering them to your website. This content can be short form like blog posts, tweets or even short video clips. But you also want some of your content to be long form this could be instructional videos. The idea of this is that once a lead has made it to the point of directing their attention to your longer more time-consuming content, they are more likely to fill in a sign-up form and become apart of your contact database. We can create all of this content for you and post it as we have vast experience in this field and will be able to create the content correctly to attract more of an audience.

Looking After Existing Leads

Once a lead is part of your database, you can start to send promotional content and include them into your email marketing campaign. This is also something we can do for you. We have years of experience when it comes to email campaigns. You want to encourage your leads to purchase something from your site, this can be done through exclusive deals and discounts when you are doing email campaigns. It may take some time for a lead to become a customer and you want to keep them informed about everything you are doing with the business and what new things are happening.

Once Leads Become Customers

When a lead purchases something from you whether it be a service or product, that shouldn’t be the end of the relationship as it is easier to retain customers than it is to keep trying to find new customers. So, what you want to do is to keep sending them email marketing content so that they are always encouraged to come back to you rather than trying to find a better deal somewhere else. Retaining customers can boost your revenue a considerable amount each year. If it is possible for your business referral marketing can get you in front of many other brands and businesses. You can have a points reward system in place for customer that refer friends or family members to your website and when they purchase something using a certain link or coupon code the points get rewarded to the referrer.


AdWords is a very good way to generate more leads, targeting the correct audience is very important as you want people that are specifically looking for your services so having the correct keywords is very important. You don’t want to be wasting money on clicks where people are not likely to become a lead. With us we can help you make this campaign a success and get you more leads which will then lead to increased sales.


A very popular way of getting leads on your website is through SEO. As your website starts to climb the organic searches you will find that more visitors will fill out your enquiry forms or sign up for your marketing strategies. Our SEO campaigns for clients are very successful and it is a process that takes time as we will need to optimise content correctly and then Google will need to index these pages. SEO can bring in a lot of leads and potential customers to your website. No matter what kind of budget you choose to have for an seo campaign, you will always be working towards your goal the budget will only determine how quick you get to your goals to then set new targets to achieve.