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Lead Generation Tactics

To get better leads and lead generation you need to have a good plan and all of our tactics can help you form a plan to get yourself more leads. The marketing world is becoming more of a competition every day and more and more people are trying to increase their brand awareness, you must stay consistent with what you choose to market for as some of these tactics can take time to form into successful campaigns.

Our first tactic is to improve your customer retention with customer-centric marketing. This means focusing on what the customer wants and needs over everything else. This is a more focused approach to gaining leads and even though it may get you fewer leads than other types of marketing it will get you good quality leads that are more likely to convert to sales. Using this tactic can help you connect with a part of your target audience and gain some great quality leads.

Lead Generation Tactics

Using videos on social media and your website could also help to gain you leads it is predicted by 2022 82% of all internet traffic will be dedicated to video content, this can be used in a variety of ways, but the main goal is to increase engagements. The consumption of video is increasing and the sales industry is noticing this.

Optimising your website is a big one that can increase your leads. SEO will be able to direct more traffic to your website. Having content that is relevant to your services and products that you sell all optimised so that when Google crawls the site they will want to rank you higher than you currently are and therefore be more susceptible to users entering your site. The leads you will get from SEO will be of great quality and there is no better than someone who is actively looking for your products and services. SEO will involve identifying the best target keywords, optimising the content already on your site, creating high authority backlinks and optimising online listings. SEO in 2021 is seen as a must to gain as many leads as possible.

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Paid advertising is another way to gain leads. Advertising on Facebook, Google, Instagram and anything you think will be beneficial to your business. We recommend only running these for a short period and not too long as they can become quite expensive, if you are running an SEO campaign alongside this once the SEO has gotten up to speed you can slowly stop the ads and see if you get enough from organic search results. It is also important to remember that once you stop paying for the ads the leads will also stop so it’s a good idea to build a campaign that will remain even if you stop focusing on it.

If you are looking to run campaigns like this but won’t have any time or resources to implement it properly, you can pass this onto us and we will be able to do this work to generate more leads for you.