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Why are businesses investing in lead generation technology?

Yield far more results and make the whole process far more manageable.

Nowadays, businesses are expected to handle more data than ever, reduce overheads and keep staff to a minimum. Yet, it would be practically inefficient to assess such data without expert lead generation technology. Lead generation technology is paramount in effectively tracking and managing your all-important leads. When a lead enters the sales funnel, you can utilise something known as a customer relationship management (CRM) system. This system is capable of tracking every aspect of contact your business has with a prospective customer. Such as whether your meticulously crafted emails have reached them or if they have had any beneficial phone calls. Ultimately, it allows you and your business to yield far more results through your lead generation process. It achieves this by making the whole lead generation process far more manageable.

How do you find the right technology for lead generation?

When it comes to generating leads, choosing the right technology for your business can be a difficult task. Who is the best person to decide? IT? Marketing? Sales? There can be an extensive crossover of departments all equipped to work in the lead generation process. However, each one will likely have its own preferences and requirements. Therefore, finding technology suited to everyone can be an exceptionally tricky process. To get to the bottom of which is the best avenue to take, you should first explore what lead generation technology can achieve.

What is lead generation technology?

Lead generation technology is any technology applicable to the lead generation process. Whilst there is no automated process from start to finish, such technology can assist with every step of the process. Yet, with such a broad spectrum of available processes, let’s look at some of the best uses for lead generation technology.

Measurement & Tracking

Lead generation technology is apt for measurement and tracking. For this reason, software like Google Analytics is commonly used to track and measure lead generation. Whether you need it for the first click on the site through to a call to action. It’s this latter step in the process that identifies the person as a lead, rather than a simple website visitor.
How Many Leads

Lead Generation

Lead generation technology can also act as a catalyst for that visitor to enquire and become a lead. Be it via email, live chat, contact forms, WhatsApp, Messenger, or VoIP, there are a huge number of options for visitors to make contact browsing online. This allows businesses to give users more choices about how they would like to communicate. However, it requires appropriate understanding and monitoring of several channels at once.
A breakdown of the cost specifics

Lead Nurturing

Once leads are generated, we should consider how best to pull them back to a single CRM system so that they can be nurtured. Leads cultivate repeat customers, and technology can be utilised to send out automated SMS or email messages. This prompts customers that the business is looking to develop a relationship.
Exactly where they know them

Lead Conversion

To convert leads, they need to become a customer. This can be done by quoting or selling to that customer. Technology such as eCommerce or quoting systems abet this step. Converting such leads will need some form of fulfilment – so it may lead to project management systems or order processing. This step also relies on lead generation technology.

Lead Re-marketing

Perhaps you have converted a lead to a customer but noted that they bought a purchase that can be repeated. If so, focus on how you can keep them coming back to your business rather than your competitors. This might include sending regular updates or targeted messages if they are yet to renew their product or service with your business.

Decision Making

Business owners previously made decisions about their marketing based on speculation. Yet, thanks to lead generation technology, businesses have never had so much detail on their customers’ actions. Whether its customer buying behaviour, feedback, journeys, seasonality, affordability, and more – so much information is readily available from lead generation technology that it would be foolish not to act on the available data.
Lead Generation Technology

How much does lead generation technology cost?

With Zoho, it’s not a case of you get what you pay for . . . but that you get more for your money!

Whilst lead generation technology can be expensive – it can also be quite affordable. Either way, it is an absolute necessity. Disregarding some of the more expensive routes, our business has come across affordable solutions that offer a huge variety of tools. The suite we have chosen to use is Zoho. Zoho offers every business tool you can think of – and can build something bespoke should your business want to stand out from the crowd. In our experience, the cost of all Zoho products tend to be far below that of other leading competitors, and we have found that it excels in many areas. See, with Zoho, it’s not a case of you get what you pay for . . . but that you get more for your money!

Interested in what lead generation technology can do for you?

We have helped hundreds navigate their way through the online lead generation landscape.

Is your business looking to implement or adapt to more technology-based solutions for lead generation? If so, it would be well worth your time talking to one of our in house specialists. Based in Poole, Dorset, we deal with customers all around the world. Our team have helped hundreds navigate their way through the online lead generation landscape. We have a keen interest in exploring the forefront of what’s available. Better yet, there is no obligation when you speak to us. If it doesn’t fit with what you are doing, then that’s not a problem. However, most companies we talk to discover we are exactly the support they need to develop their business online. With our knowledge and the right technology at hand, lead generation can be an effective tool for your business.
Lead Generation Technology