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Lead Generation

Increasing lead quality and reducing lead cost is something our customers count on lead generation for. Reasonably priced, high quality enquires are what really matters to businesses online. 

Lead Generation

Drastically increase marketing ROI

Maximise your marketing efforts and see a significant return on investment with our proven lead generation strategies.

Generating leads via your marketing channels is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity. To ensure your business flourishes in the digital economy, you need a website. It doesn’t necessarily need to be flashy and fancy, but there’s one thing that will help it stand out from the crowd. If you strategically target critical areas of your business, you can corner the market. If you’ve yet to explore this particular avenue, you’re in luck. Our team has years of experience and can help your enquiries soar to greater heights than ever before. Better still, we support and value quality over quantity, allowing for far more manageable costs per enquiry — leading to more bang for your buck.

Attract and acquire first-rate leads.

Attract high-quality leads and grow your business with our effective lead generation techniques.

The days of waiting are long gone. Nowadays, customers can click and boom— instant gratification. So how do you work around such a caveat? It’s simple. You lean into it. Customers don’t like to be sold to. They appreciate the freedom to investigate products and services on their own accord. With the rise of feedback platforms like Google and YouTube, the consumer you want to target has become your ally. With so much online content, consumers will likely visit a trusted source before buying anything. However, they no longer put their faith in the hands of “experienced salesmen”. Now, they put their faith in the hands of individuals like themselves. People who have gone above and beyond to review a particular product or service online.

Lead generation = More reach. More sales. More revenue.

Expand your reach, drive more sales, and boost revenue with our proven marketing strategies.

So what does this mean for businesses? Do we kowtow to these influencers and allow them to dictate the success of our trade to fellow consumers? Yes and no. Companies should help BOTH types of consumers decide what they need — ideally before any contact is made. To achieve this, they need to indirectly become their own influencers. For such subtle persuasion, you should undertake specialised targeted content. This can prove informative and valuable to the consumer, prompting them to make all executive decisions to buy, buy, buy. After all, like we said, with so much available content online, users make informed decisions before opting to purchase anything. So, how do they do this? They need to be able to find your product or service online. If they can’t find it, another company will simply step in and win your potential customers.

This is where Expect Best steps in.

Expect the best results, leave the rest to us.

We work closely with clients — nationally and abroad — to help build their brand online. Whether they have an established website or want to start a new venture from scratch, we’re here to help our clients thrive online with lead generation. Our team has extensive experience working with a diverse range of industries; from national builders, mortgage firms, insurance, medical and more — to smaller local businesses. Varied as they all might be, one thing remains consistent. They all rely on us to generate and supply high-quality leads at a sustainable price. Commercial and industrial ventures already depend on physical utilities to power their properties. Simply consider our lead generation as an online utility. One that can help propel your business into a better financial situation. Better yet, we use techniques that mean our clients’ leads are always their own – removing the hindrance of quoting based purely on price. This service isn’t anything new, either. This tried and tested method has dominated the World Wide Web for years. It’s helped many thrive where they otherwise might have floundered.

Our lead generation services

Nurture. Engage. Turnover.


  1. PPC
    Instead of earning “organic” visitors, push traffic to your website by bidding for ad placement.
  2. SEO
    Want more clicks, clients and queries? Effective SEO helps Google see that you’re seen online.
  3. Targeted Re-marketing
    Lost touch with users who’ve clicked on your site? Strategically reconnect using targeted ads.
  4. Research
    Increase your influence by systematically collecting critical data about your envisioned audience.
  5. Reporting
    Our team formulate meaningful and informative reports based on key performance indicators.
  6. Measurement of Cost Per Enquiry
    We value quality over quantity. Get more bang for your buck with worthwhile lead generation.
  7. Enquiry Forms & CRM
    It’s one thing to get a reasonable enquiry. It’s another to push it through the correct CRM channels.

What does lead generation cost?

Uncover your potential, today.

We work with all types of businesses — from start-ups to international corporations. Yet, we’ve found that every company differs. There can be dozens of factors, ranging from size to audience appeal. For example, a niche enterprise could generate buzz by offering something otherwise unobtainable. However, it might fall by the wayside if it fails to strike the correct nerve with that particular audience. That’s why our team would need to research your market opportunities and offer feedback on what could be achieved. Our team would undertake this and provide a scope of the recommended investment amount for your business. The best part? You’re under no commitment obligations. So, why wait? Uncover your potential today.