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Why Local SEO Lead Generation Works

Source leads closer to where your business is based.

For those who like a personal touch but find travelling problematic, it can be difficult to connect with a digital agency. However, there’s no reason why you can’t source leads closer to home by working with a local SEO lead generation agency. By using a local agency, you can source leads closer to where your business is based. This method particularly appeals to local businesses who prosper from their local audience. Locality presents a kinship between customers and businesses that should be cultivated. Queries tend to be drawn by the ease of access and local availability of a particular product or service. The great part of SEO is that it’s led by potential customers who are actively searching for a solution. Your business is dealing with someone who actively wants to close a deal. By providing that solution, we can give them an opportunity to make an enquiry by the nature of their search query.
Local SEO Lead Generation

How Local SEO Lead Generation Works

An agency like ours can use Google to target key geographical places.

The internet is a broad place. So, if your business is interested in targeting a local audience then posting on platforms like Instagram might not help. It’s difficult to funnel posts by location when using social media unless that business uses paid ads. With SEO, however, an agency like ours can use Google to target key geographical places. How? By simply creating fresh content for that website. If Google discovers the town you operate from is mentioned in the content of your site, they might be more inclined to show your website over a competitors. This is especially the case if there was no mention of that same town on your competitor’s website. Why? Because Google deems your website to be more relevant to the search – or keyword. However, this doesn’t then mean that you should spam your location in every area of the site. Your business must target the area in which it genuinely serves. Otherwise, your website traffic will incur a high bounce rate. For example, if someone found your page after looking for a locksmith in Scotland only to discover that you are based in Devon, they wouldn’t be too happy. Visitors also don’t like to be misled by national companies who act as if they are locals. Particularly when the searcher is looking for local businesses. With this said, it doesn’t mean that we cannot target these regions. We simply need to be conscious about how we approach the content to ensure that the visitors’ needs are genuinely met.

Local SEO Lead Generation

What is Local SEO Lead Generation?

Allow visitors and search engines insight into where you operate.

Local SEO lead generation is a process wherein a business tailors its content to appeal to and attract a local market. To achieve this, the business will consider the sort of content a local market might like to see. It will then contemplate the message they want to convey via their content, before pushing it out onto their site so it will be found by locals. An easy way of doing this is by tailoring your website’s content to a nearby town, county or even country. For example, a fast-food chain might have menus for certain countries. Whereas a local business might sell something like “Dorset-based Foods”. Despite operating around the country, the former still capitalises on the tricks of the trade. However, visitors will see for themselves that the latter is genuinely trying to attract locals looking to buy foods from a local source. On a similar note, when building companies prefer to work within a radius, they might state that they are a “builder in Southampton”. This allows both the visitor to the website and the search engine itself to know the areas in which the business operates. Google Maps has also helped facilitate this process by listing businesses on the map. This allows visitors to see pinpointed locations on the map concerning their search query. Google may then tailor its map results based on the number of clicks each listing might receive. It does this to improve its user’s search results and in turn, raise your ranking.

How Much Does Local SEO Lead Generation Cost?

Of all the available marketing methods, SEO offers the lowest cost per lead conversion.

The cost of a local SEO lead generation agency depends on where your business would like to target and the nature of the industry you are targeting. Naturally, industries with bigger profit margins will have more spare capital for competing in a similar way. Therefore, the cost is likely to be far higher. However, the cost should all be relative to the sort of industry you operate in. In our experience, local businesses that rank higher online tend to be those participating in local SEO lead generation. Those who don’t, tend to fall back on more expensive direct marketing methods. Better still, investing in local SEO lead generation over a long period of time can have some fantastic results. For example, it’s the lowest cost per lead conversion of all of the available marketing methods. The only ‘downside’ we can see is that it does take time to cultivate and become established in any given area.

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As one of the highest-ranking SEO companies in the local area, Expect Best is well-placed to write about local SEO lead generation. For years, our dedicated team have perfected our craft and seen great results for our valued clients. Our winning formula may take a lot of time and hard work to cultivate but the results really speak for themselves. With a good portion of audiences now online, it’s in the best interests of your business to capitalise on SEO to ensure its longevity in your industry. Otherwise, how else do you hope to cope with the competition? Our team would be happy to help. Simply reach out and get in touch with one of our friendly specialists below.

Local SEO Lead Generation