Your business means everything to you, and you want it to have the perfect website.

The problem is, you’re not a web designer. That means that you have to find a way to communicate all your hopes and dreams for your website to someone else. Someone who may not always see things quite the way you do.

There are things you can do so that this goes from a potential nightmare to a productive business relationship. Here’s our guide to getting it right.

1. Know What You Want

Before you ever meet a web designer, take the time to make some initial notes on your needs and expectations. We’re not talking War and Peace, just a few jottings to make the first meeting as productive as possible.

In that first meeting, be very clear about your needs. Communicate clearly what features are non-negotiable. Be clear about the goals the website needs to achieve.

Then discuss your dreams – your web designer may have some innovative ideas and insights to offer at this point.

2. Be Clear on Budget

Unlike our imaginations, budgets are not unlimited.

The best time to have a serious conversation about how much you want to and can spend on the project is in the first meeting.

Everybody’s on the same page, and you can go ahead without any nasty surprises lurking down the line.

3. Keep Talking

If you’re working with a web design company, it’s important to have a contact person who’s on hand at all times.

This person will manage your project and communicate with various parties involved, such as developers and programmers throughout the process.

Feedback on updates and tweaks you’re looking for can then be communicated in a streamlined way. Everyone’s on the same page and the process can run smoothly.

4. Allow For Creativity

The reason you’re using a digital agency to create your website design is probably because it’s not your field of expertise.

While you have control over the finished product, it’s good to give general guidelines and allow the web designer’s creativity to flourish. Giving extremely detailed instructions can stifle this, and you could end up with a less creative design.

5. Communicate Concerns

As you’re going through the web design process, it’s natural that there will be tweaks and changes that you will need to request.

Don’t hold back from expressing anything that’s of concern. Your web designer is there to deliver the product you want and will be willing to work with your changes.

The Bottom Line: How to Communicate with Your Web Designer

In summary, communication with your web designer needs to be honest, open and regular.

Be clear about your vision at the outset and have someone you know is always there for you to discuss ideas and concerns throughout the process. If you allow their creativity to flourish and you’ll likely have your socks knocked off by the finished product.

If you need a new website, then make sure you entrust it to a team with the experience and knowledge to nail it.

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