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SEO is Search Engine Optimisation and to improve your SEO you need to optimise the content on your website in favour of what Google is looking for with their current algorithm. There are many ways in which you can grab Google’s attention. We will discuss some of these on this page.

What does Google look for?

Google’s algorithm is always changing slightly and that is why we are here to help you. Google is looking for well-written content for a particular topic; When you have a page about this topic it is important that you make sure Google is aware you are talking about this topic. This can be done by using keywords of this topic in your text and metadata. Metadata is used to describe other data that is on the page. For example, a meta description will describe what you are talking about on the page so that users that see this on a Google search page can understand what the page is before they click on it.

This metadata will be scanned by Google to gain an understanding of the page. This information is used to determine what search phrase Google will put the page under. Then Google will give this page a ranking based on the quality of the content on the page. Google will also be on the lookout for engaging content like photos and videos. As this is something that will make the page more interesting it is more likely to be ranked better by Google. Google also likes pages that are mobile-friendly so people can navigate the page easily on their mobiles. If you do this your page will most defiantly have a better chance of ranking well on Google.

What Expect Best Will do to improve your SEO?

Marketing SEO Strategies

What we will do when we first get onto your site is make sure all of the existing content on your site is fully optimised and we will do everything we can to make all of the pages as optimised as possible. We will do this before going on to another part of the SEO campaign. After this is completed, we will start to create our own content on the website and this will be relevant to keywords that you want to target. Therefore, if a user/customer comes across this page on Google it won’t be any different to the rest of your site as the information will be in line with what you offer to them.

As well as creating new content we will be able to build a backlink profile to help build the authority of your website and the pages on it. If you have a backlink going to your site from another Google sees this as someone else approving the content on your site. The more backlinks you get the better authority your site will have. You can’t just spam your website link onto a page somewhere as Google may punish your website for doing this. Our team will work on getting legitimate backlinks for your website.

Marketing SEO Strategies Mobile

Marketing SEO Strategies Report

At the beginning of each month, you will receive an SEO report from us that will go into detail about the work we have completed during the last month and you will also be able to see how many people have been on your site with the Google analytics report we send. You will also receive a keyword report where you can see how well your keywords are ranking for your website. This report can be used to see the level of success an SEO campaign/strategy has had.

There are many more ways to improve your SEO and to find out what these are please make sure you get in contact with us.



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