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Marketing Techniques

At Expect Best we have been operating in Digital Marketing for many years and have developed techniques which we have found to work very well for our client’s. We will explain the services and techniques we can offer to you on this page.

Social Media

Starting off with social media, this is a platform you can succeed on if you do things right. You need to utilise the features on these platforms to make the most out of the audience browsing their feed. For example, Facebook enables businesses to set up pages and operate solely just on Facebook if they wanted to as you can leave reviews on these pages as a customer who has purchased a service or product from them. You can also upload 360-degree photos as well on Facebook which will definitely grab the attention of people scrolling past your post and may even get them interested in your business. What we can do for you is create content for your social profiles and you can choose when to upload them. You can upload a number of things onto your social media, you could show off a service or product and show your followers a visual representation of this and show them how good it is. This will encourage followers to not only investigate further into your services but they may even share it on their profile for all of their friends to see or even recommend it to a friend. Another great technique we have discovered on social media is the use of giveaways. This helps spread awareness of your business as people will have to like your post, tag a friend in the comments and share the post on their own timeline to enter the competition. With this, your giveaway will be seen by more and more people as more people enter. You want to bear in mind your current followers and not many people may enter the first giveaway, but once you start doing more giveaways, for example, you might do one a week, more and more people will engage with the post and your following count will most likely rise by a large amount.


Search Engine Optimisation is a great way to market your website on the Google Search Rankings. We have a specialised team that can carry out the work to progressively optimise your website. What we can do for you is help you target keywords that are associated with your business and the services/products you offer to your target audience. By optimising each page on your website, we are basically telling google what kind of content is on this page. Then Google will understand what you are talking about on these pages more and the more that Google can understand the better chance you have to rank well. Once we have optimised all of the pages on your site we will go and create our own pages on the site. In doing this we will write content that is in line with your services and products you offer while keeping the content accurate so we aren’t giving out information that isn’t accurate. At the beginning of every month, we will send you a report which covers the progression from the previous month. In this report you will find a pdf with all of your keywords in and their rankings, it will also tell you if they have moved positions from the previous month’s report. This is indicated by a green arrow which means it has improved and it will tell you how many places it has improved and if the keyword has lost a few places this will be indicated by a red arrow and then followed by a number which means the number of places that keyword has lost. We will also send you a google analytics report which will tell you how many people have entered your site and other bits of data like how long people stayed on your site as an average. With this information you will be able to adjust the campaign to target more of one keyword or if you are happy with a few keywords and their positions you can ask us to start targeting another keyword which we haven’t focused on yet.

Marketing Techniques SEO

Website Design

When you are marketing yourself you always need your own platform or home for people to go to. A website can be this place for your clients and customers. If you already have a website, we can completely rebuild it for you to make it look modern and new. Our team can have a meeting with you where you can explain what you want the website to look like and what kind of functions you would like to see on the website as well. We want to know things like colours and images you also want to see on the website so we can get a good idea of what you are imagining, you can also show us a website that you like the look of and that would be similar to what you would like. Once we have all the information we need, we can pass the notes from the meeting onto our design team. Our design team will then put together a few pages based on the information we have collected at the meeting including the homepage, we will then send these design to you to look at to confirm that is what you want the website to look like, if you want anything changed we can amend that for you and resend the designs over to you. We can also do mobile designs for you if you want to know what your website will look like in the mobile view. When you are happy to sign off the designs, we can then pass it on to our development team.

Website Development

Every website needs to be run on a server and if you don’t have one ready to put your website on then we can put it on our server for a yearly hosting fee. Our web build team are very good with their work and can make the designs supplied by our designer. While we are building your site, we will keep in close contact with you to keep you up-to-date on all the work we are doing and how far away we are from finishing the project. Your website will be built on a CMS called WordPress a CMS is known as a content management system, WordPress allows you to create and edit the content on your site very easily without having to know much about CSS or HTML. WordPress also allows us to add plugins to the site, this means that we can add a function to the website without having to code. You can also improve the site’s security by adding a plugin to the site that is designed to do this. WordPress is also a very quick running CMS so your pages won’t a long time to load when your customers visit the site.

Email Marketing

We can create you a great email marketing campaign which will help you encourage some of your leads to purchase your products or services from you. Email marketing can be very successful as the people you will be contacting have already shown interest in your business by giving you their email address one way or another. To turn these leads into customers you will need to engage them well enough to convince them to go onto your website and purchase something. A really good technique of doing this is by offering them a one-time-only discount or an exclusive offer that is available to them. People are always looking to save money on products and your campaign may just convince them to spend their money with you. If you want to get more leads for your campaign, we can put some of our forms on your website that can collect data like email addresses. Our forms are able to send the results of each submission straight to you and all of the data collected from these forms are saved into a database which can be accessed and exported at any time.


We can help you shape a campaign to fulfil all of your needs and we will help you achieve the goals you want and point you in the right direction towards success.

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