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Why’s it worth focusing on new lead generation?

It’s the answer to a business’s growth and profit maximisation.

Looking for vibrant and fresh opportunities for your business? If so, then new lead generation is always a popular avenue. More often than not, businesses tend to hold onto their existing customers and push their products and services as much as possible. Whilst this is great in theory, it offers mixed results. Established customers can only handle so much of a good thing. They’ll tire of the repeated requests and ultimately come to see this deluge of content as something to avoid. Therefore, by targeting new lead generation, you can keep your existing customers placated. All this does is open up the potential to promote your very latest and greatest products and services to new leads. Otherwise, this might not be the best idea if an existing customer had just bought something which is now – according to you – classed as out of date.

Having said that, this would typically depend on the industry or sector in which you operate. With little in the way of new lead generation, businesses will find growth an uphill battle that’s extremely hard to flourish in. We’d argue that new lead generation is the answer to most business’s problems when it comes to growth and profit maximisation.

How does new lead generation services work?

Create an offer and campaign that hooks your customer’s attention.

Most businesses know why they want to generate new leads. It’s because they’ve hit a plateau and want to push past the impasse of their established clientele. To achieve this, they seek out any and all leads possible – often with irregular outcomes. Having experienced this tumultuous dilemma, they step back and ponder. Their new lead generation then typically comes down to these simple questions:
How do I find leads?

When it comes to new lead generation, most business turn to social media, PPC and perhaps some sort of networking event. Some may also turn to SEO and other means of traditional offline advertising. However, the key to new lead generation is quite straightforward. Know where your market is and place yourself in front of them. This works across all channels – social media, PPC, SEO, etc. If you can see that your audience is active in that location then you can create a targeted campaign that appeals to them. This brings us neatly to the next question.

How do I promote to these leads?
You need to offer them something. Customers need to know that by paying X amount, they’ll receive Y. Businesses tend to obscure this when it needs to be clear, simple and understandable. You see, it’s the creation of a campaign that hooks your customer’s attention – not the offer. It also allows you to appeal to a wider audience outside of your main target group. Let’s say you have a, “Limited Edition Package – This Month Only”. Here, the offer is not reduced. It is simply limited. This invokes the scarcity principle and causes the customer to react. After all, if they don’t then they’ll risk losing the opportunity.
What’s the most cost-effective route?
This is the golden question that most businesses fixate on. Can I get it cheap, without it being cheap? Sounds like a catch-22 – right? Now, whilst new lead generation can be expensive, businesses tend to want their leads in the cheapest way, but should shift their concerns. Instead, they should focus on the quality of their leads. Unfortunately, quality is generally measured by trial and error. Therefore, it is important to have methods in place to measure the cost of new lead generation. Once in place, it’s these methods that should give you all the answers to your question.
Once I have them, what do I do with them?
Brilliant, you’ve successfully managed to draw in new lead generation. Now what? Well, now you need to act on it – and quite quickly too. The issue is currently on that prospective customer’s mind and the likelihood of it staying that way is slim to none. The World Wide Web is a wide place (hence the name) so your campaign and offer must give them a reason NOT to go elsewhere. Quickly provide a solution to their enquiry before someone else does. Acting in such a steadfast manner will ensure that you stay at the forefront of the new lead’s attention. Should you leave it too long, the lead may well forget their enquiry entirely.
How do I generate relevant leads?
To ensure that your new lead generation is relevant to what you’re promoting, you need to know who your customer is. Outside of turning into a private eye or undercover sleuth, you can best discover this by looking at your existing customer base. What do they all have in common? Gauge their likes and dislikes, and do so on the basis that you’re looking to target similar customers to those you already have. This way, you can uncover what they could possibly have in common with your new leads. All so you can have more of an inkling into who is a valuable prospective customer opposed to just another generic lead.
Do I need to create original content?
When it comes to new lead generation, you will likely need to create original content for your offer. Say, for example, you are selling a new product – it’s a mirror. What sets this mirror apart? Products and services require some basic insight on behalf of the prospective customer. This can be provided via design, photography or copy. Now, this particular mirror is actually framed with driftwood – sorry, didn’t I tell you? No! Now, this mirror is no longer another generic mirror. It’s unique. It has character and charm and a unique selling point. Original content is great in that it can help bolster your product.
New Lead Generation

What are new lead generation services?

We assist with the process of advertising and content creation.

For clarity, new lead generation services are employed by business looking to entice new leads to their business. To achieve this, teams like ours utilise online mediums, such as social media, SEO and landing pages via PPC. Our team help these businesses with the accumulation of a much higher rate of leads than they otherwise would. However, each business uses various techniques to identify cost-effective methods for your business. We do this by assisting with the process of advertising and content creation, which we then channel towards their target audience. In following this process, we can help guide potentially untouched customers through to the business. It’s often the case that these businesses would otherwise not generate them. Ultimately, new lead generation services results in an increase in revenue from sales for your business.

New Lead Generation

How much do our new lead generation services cost?

Growing business who are invest tend to out-reach their competition.

The fees for new lead generation services are wholly dependent on the company you and your business decide to work with. New lead generation services can be a heady investment that’s expensive for any company to commit to. However, companies that do invest in these sorts of services tend to be those that go through sustainable stages of growth. Yet any growing business will likely need a steady stream of leads and those who are investing will tend to out-reach their competition. Therefore, the cost itself can be factored into the business marketing budget or as on a cost per lead basis. Charges might also wildly vary based on the packages you decide to use to amplify the reach of your new lead generation.

Enquire about our new lead generation services

We work collaboratively with our clients and are passionate about what we do.

For those looking to invest in the future of their online recognition, new lead generation services can significantly help their chances. At Expect Best, our dedicated lead generation specialists have years of experience in this field. Our team is passionate about what we do and determined to help deliver the best results to our clients. We work collaboratively with those who approach us to ensure that we represent them as effectively as an in-house member of staff could. For us, success is a repeat client, which is why we are open to advising those interested in our services on a no-obligation basis. During which, we can discuss approximated budgets, goals and more. If this sounds like it could be of interest to you, get in touch today.
New Lead Generation