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Online Digital Marketing

If you want to have a bigger presence online than our services will be able to help you achieve that. We have had many years of experience in the field of digital marketing with services that include social media management, Google AdWords, Email Marketing Campaigns, SEO and more!

Email Marketing

Many companies do email campaigns to increase their sales. This is because when the company obtains an email address from someone that person then becomes a lead and it is normally easier to convert leads into sales than a first-time user on your site. We can create engaging content for you to send out. We normally recommend you send out updates about the business to your leads and even offers and deals that are exclusive to them, this will encourage them to become a paying customer. We normally build our campaigns on Zoho campaigns but we also have experience in other platforms like mail chimp. With these platforms you will also be able to get the stats on how the campaigns have performed so you will be able to see how many people opened your email and how many click on it. If you don’t have an email list or you want to grow your list and get more emails onto it then we can help you by creating forms that can help you expand your email list. What we can do is create a form where people can just sign up to receive your marketing material. We can also add a form in which when people enquire for a service, they will put their contact details in this form and can tick a box to opt-out of your marketing material. All the data from these forms will be saved to a data base and you will always have access to it and we can even set up the forms to email you every time someone submits an entry and the results will be sent straight to you.

Online Digital Marketing Email


When you are improving on your online profiles your website should always be part of your strategy as your website can bring in many customers. Our SEO service has proven to work for many other businesses and companies that have wanted to get more sales and enquires. The process for our work is easy to understand. The first step we will do before we start working on your site is some research into your business and what kind of industry you trade in. We will look into your specific services and come up with some keywords that we think that you should be targeting. We can hold a meeting to discuss your goals and we can show you a plan of what we think will be the best solution to get your site progressing as quickly as possible. You can also add your input into what keywords you would like us to target first and you can even recommend some keywords that you think will benefit your website. We always listen to what the client has to say as they know their business better than anyone else. After we have agreed to start work on your site we will go and optimise all of the content that is already on your website, this means that we will check all of the meta data like the meta descriptions, image alt tags and image file names. Once all of this data is optimised, we can go on to creating our own content on your site. The type of content that we will be writing will be based on your services and we will make sure that everything we write is 100% accurate to what you do. As we don’t want to give any false information to anyone that will see these pages. At the start of every month you will receive a report from us and in this report, you will be able to see the keywords we discussed about and where they are currently positioned on Google. We will also send you a Google analytics report which will tell you how many people have entered your site, how many of those users are new to your site and how much time they spent on your site as an average. You will be able to use this information to see the progress your site has made and then you can choose to further improve your current keywords or move on to some other that may need improving upon.

Online Digital Marketing Social Media

Social Media

When you advertise on social media your main goal is to gain more followers that are interested in your business and the services you offer. We can help you create good content that can be uploaded whenever you like. We have seen in recent times that running a giveaway on social media is a very effective way of getting people to follow your page and ultimately this will raise awareness of your page to the people in your local area as who doesn’t love to get something for free. As social media becomes bigger and bigger more people will be looking for local businesses and brands on Facebook and Instagram. We can help you set up paid ads on any social media you choose, this can be a very good way of appealing to a wider audience that doesn’t already follow you. A bonus of this is that you can set a radius to an area where people will be able to see your ad. This ensure that you aren’t advertising to someone who can’t access your services.

Website Design

When you get a website done, we like to find out everything that you want to be featured on the website. We can hold a meeting with you where you can express what you want the website to look like, colours, images and anything you can think of. You know what you want the website to look like in your head and so that’s why we like to find out every last bit of detail so we can create a design that is as close to what you are envisioning, you can even show us a few examples of websites that you like and what you want to base your website off. You can also tell us if the website you want is going to be eCommerce or a traditional website. Once we have all the information needed, we can pass it on to our designer who will create some designs for you. Once our designer has created the designs for your site you can have a look at them and give us feedback on what you think about them, we can then make amends to them if needed. We can also make mobile designs for you if that is what you want. If we haven’t designed a page that you would like to see before we start to build the site please don’t hesitate to ask us and we will design it for you. When you are happy with everything, we can then send the designs over to the development team to start building.

Website Development

Before the site starts getting built, we will need to make sure that you have a domain and server to run the website on. If you don’t know how to, we can help you by putting your website on our server for a yearly hosting fee and we can also help you find a suitable domain for your website. We will then start to build your website on WordPress. WordPress is a CMS (content management system) and this system will make the development of the website a lot more efficient as it doesn’t require must custom code if any and we won’t have any problems with it. WordPress also gives you a great variety of plugins you can use on the site to bring you a lot of great features that will make your site function properly and look more modern. Some plugins will help improve the security of the site as well. On WordPress, you are rarely restricted to what you can do and that is why most websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Our development team will keep you up-to-date with all of the updates that are going on your site and will let you know a rough time estimate to when it will all be finished by. Once we have finished the build you can give the website a good look through to make sure that everything is as you wanted it and if there is something you want to change, we will be able to do that for you.


We can help you reach your goals not just in one area but every area of the digital world. Our expertise will propel you and your business forward to reach targets that you’ve always wanted to achieve. We can help you change a strategy you are currently running to boost your online status or we can work with you and build a completely new strategy from brand new!

Online Digital Marketing