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Online leads are amongst the more valuable tools any business can hope to have.

To continue to thrive and remain relevant, your business needs to go where the market is. Your business needs to stand out, keep on top of sales and enquiry trends, and appear present. To achieve this, you need to go online. The generation of online leads is a method that will serve your business as more consumers turn to what’s becoming the dominant form of media. Unlike conventional print or televisual adverts, your target audience interacts with you online. This active interaction has given consumers a voice and embellished their choices. Meaning online leads are now amongst the more valuable tools any modern business can hope to have. And, as a tried and tested business, you want to generate repeat customers. Customers who will come to you on their own accord, rather than because you approached them.

Let’s set the stage: it’s lunchtime in your office. You’re about to tuck into the most tantalising tub of tiramisu from this mornings meeting. You’re in high spirits. You’re on top of the world. You’re the big boss of the office. Yet, as soon as you spoon up those luscious and rich cream layers – anticipation building for all those lovely flavours to mingle— the phone rings. ‘Hello, please may I talk to you about your . . . euuuuurgh’.

This interruption is just one of the many examples that your customers face. As you can see, it’s one of frustration. No business in their right mind wants to be remembered as that annoying and disruptive cold caller. Certainly not the one who spoils someone tucking into their tiramisu. But that’s not the key takeaway here. The key takeaway is this: your customer wasn’t permitted to find you on their terms, in their own time. Whereas had you explored online leads then you could have enticed an element of discovery. One of risk and reward. A customer will often risk a company they don’t know, opposed to a company that intervened in their tiramisu time.

How do businesses generate online leads?

Follow these three simple steps to establish a channel for online leads to flow through.

The generation of online leads is no easy feat. Yet, this isn’t because there are so few places to find them online – far from it. Instead, it’s because there are so many. A simple search shows the abundance of conflicting noise online. Noise that could so easily be populated with your time and effort as you endeavour to promote your venture in the wrong place. Worst yet, it could be the right place, but the wrong demographic in that place, or the right audience but at the wrong time . . . There are so many factors to account for that it can be considered a somewhat nightmarish task to comprehend. So, how do we successfully and effectively generate online leads for our valued customers? By following these three simple steps, we can establish a channel for online leads to flow through.

Who do you want?

First, we need to draw up a model of your business’s ideal customer.

Where do they go?

Then we need to establish where that customer spends their time.

What do they want?

Finally, we need good quality content to advertise to that customer.
Online Leads

What are online leads?

Leads are people who express interest in a product or service.

In their simplest form, online leads are enquiries originating from a digital or “online” channel. This is typically achieved via marketing or advertising online. By their very nature, leads are people who have expressed interest in a product or service. However, they typically want more information before following through with a transaction. Leads are generally critical for any business that relies on a sales process in order to stay in business. Online leads can be cheaper – or more expensive – than traditional methods, although this depends on how competitive the online space is. It also depends on the effectiveness of the online lead generation strategies that the business decides to use.

Online Leads

How much do online leads cost?

Evaluate and address the effectiveness of the following issues.

As previously mentioned, the cost of online leads can greatly vary. Therefore, it’s vital we measure and check that the cost of the leads is covered by the value of that customer. A regular – yet unfortunate – occurrence we tend to see is that the cost can easily run away with itself. As such, we need to evaluate and address the effectiveness of the following issues. Doing so will substantially lower the cost of your online leads.

Traffic Relevance

Are you sending people to your site who simply don’t want what you’re offering? If so, then you’re effectively paying for an expenditure that your business doesn’t need. Such an innocent oversight will ultimately drive up the cost of your online leads.

Your Offering

If you sell an iPhone for £50 instead of £999 it’s logical to assume that your business will sell more of that phone. However, you still need it to be profitable. Therefore, the cost of the lead will plummet if the pricing is not a factor that stops people from making enquiries.

Consumer Confidence

Is the visitor confident you have what they need and are willing to provide good customer service? If so, expect to see a better conversion rate than a brand with no testimonials, no guarantees, and no reassurances. This will, however, make the cost of online leads higher.

Interested in generating online leads?

Expect no obligation to continue - just simple, jargon-free advice.

Encountered the daunting task of generating online leads with no real idea of the best direction to take your first steps? If so, it might be worth speaking to us. At Expect Best, our specialists have years of experience. Based out of our office in Poole, Dorset, we can not only advise you and your business on which direction to embark on – but how you can benefit from online leads. When you reach out to our team, you can expect no obligation to continue – just simple, jargon-free advice. If you do decide you’d like us to embark on a campaign, we can set one up alongside the already successful customer campaigns we have running.
Online Leads