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Online Marketing Specialists

SEO is a very powerful tool to use when you are marketing yourself online. Using a lot of different types of content to engage people will help a lot and our team are able to carry this work out for you as we are the specialists in this field of work. The team will do research into your business and find out what kind of services you offer and what keywords would be best to target to make the most out of the campaign. Our team will run a scan on the keywords we think should be targeted alongside any keywords that you think would be beneficial to you.

Then we can see what the competition is like for the keywords and decide a suitable budget each month for this work to take place. The team will also keep in mind any budgets you have. At the beginning of each month, you will receive a report from us that will go into detail about the work that was completed during the previous month and you will be able to see how your keywords are ranking and how many visitors you had on the site with a Google analytics report.

Google AdWords is an alternative to SEO but it is all paid ads, once you stop paying for the ads you stop getting the benefits of them. For this reason, we do recommend you run a campaign for a short period of time and not use it for a long-term strategy. These will drive traffic to your website and may even help to increase your sales as well, but remember that sales aren’t a guarantee and that SEO will be more of a benefit in the long run.

What we do recommend though is using AdWords when you start your SEO campaign and while your keywords are making their way up the rankings you are still getting people to your site and potentially making sales. Let our team guide you through the whole process and advise you on the best ways to make the most out of the money you are going to spend.

Online Marketing Specialists
Social Media is a very good way to stay in touch with your audience. Media like Facebook can be taken advantage of to spread your brand awareness and to get more people following you. We have found that running a competition can increase your following by a lot. People love free stuff and will pretty much do anything for it as long as it doesn’t cost anything to enter.

For example, if you had a restaurant or a takeaway food place you could run a weekly competition where someone wins a meal for two and to enter the competition you have to like the post, tag a friend and share it with your timeline, this will increase the engagements on the post itself and will also use the shares from all the people that entered the competition as free advertisement for your page.

If the competition goes well then you will have more and more people entering the competition every week and the people that don’t win the competition might just want to give your takeaway a go one weekend, then if that person likes your food, they might become a regular customer of yours and the same goes for the competition winners, when they try the food if they like it then they might recommend it to their friends.

As well with social media, you can pay for your post to be boosted which means that your post will be shown to people who aren’t following your page and this just might grab their attention and earn you a follow which then you can convert to a customer at a later date.

Online Marketing Specialists
Email marketing can also be a great way to market your business, once you have built a relationship with your customers, email marketing can be a good way to keep in touch with them and persuade them to come back for more. With email marketing you can use it for a lot of different reasons, to update your customers on new items, products or services, letting them know about a limited time discount on the website or in-store, whatever you want to inform them about email marketing can be a great solution for you. Our team will be able to design and send the campaign out to all of your customers, all you need to provide is an email address database for us to send the email out to.

To learn more about what we can do for you, please get in contact with us and our team will be able to help you create a campaign best suited for your business that will put you ahead of everyone else.