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Organic leads make customers NOT sales

A customer provides not one but MULTIPLE sales opportunities.

No one likes to be sold to. So don’t. It might sound illogical – maybe even counterintuitive – but your objective shouldn’t be to make a sale. It should be to make a customer. A customer provides not one but MULTIPLE sales opportunities, and by focusing on organic leads, you can achieve just that. Organic leads are one of the best methods for generating a sustainable lead generation platform. The best part? Organic leads allow businesses to adopt a non-salesly stance. Such an approach provides the opportunity to offer something more to their customers. Something that can’t be bought, bartered or borrowed. Their loyalty. But how can you offer your own customer loyalty? Surely, that’s the very thing you want from them? Yes, it is. But to gain their loyalty, you need to gain their trust, and to gain their trust, you need to offer them something. You need to become something they know they can turn to and rely on. Through the creation of high-quality content that organically ranks, you don’t need to worry about paying your way to the top of Google. Instead, you can prosper in the audience of repeat customers you’ve cultivated. Organic leads are generated when there’s a mutual symbiosis between a business and its customers. By shifting your focus back to your own website and the partners you operate with, organic leads can help you reach new heights.

How does a business generate organic leads?

SEO is one of the most powerful ways of reaching a wider audience.

More often than not, when it comes to hiring an SEO lead generation company, each one is bound to tell you that they are the best. After all, a prospective employee will want to come across as the very best candidate for an advertised role. However, you need to concentrate and see what sets their SEO services apart from their competition. Choosing the ideal SEO lead generation company for your business depends on a few different factors.

What customer do you want to engage with your product?

The business will need to identify what sort of leads they want to generate.

How does that customer typically engage with your services online?

The business will need to identify how to connect to those leads.

Estimate why. Why are they looking for what they are looking for?

The business will need to identify why some are obvious whilst others are not.
Specialists typically turn to search engine optimisation (SEO) when they want to generate organic leads. Why? Because organic SEO is one of the most powerful ways of reaching a wider audience. Better still, it allows you to pinpoint specific topics you want to generate organic leads for. Plus, it provides you with the flexibility to achieve this via video, text and image searches. This method of organic lead generation is one of the most valuable assets any modern business can use to grow and generate more sales.
For example, it would be clear that someone selling used BMWs would want to target the search phrase, “used BMWs”. However, someone selling a new product might also want to target their alternatives in the SEO. This way, they can show potential organic leads the amazing options they can enjoy with this newer product. The caveat to this is that their newer product would currently have little search volume. This isn’t a true reflection of the product’s interest but because it’s a newer product that hasn’t yet entered the zeitgeist.
Once the business has a list of relevant keywords they would like to target, the fun begins. This is where that business – or its trusted associate – creates original content. Content that is tailored to the specifics of a singular keyword. This is then posted on the business’s social media channels and its own website to attract naturally occurring visitors. To achieve this successfully, they might employ the services of an SEO company. Such an associate would ensure that the content is optimised for the search engines to find them. After all, it would be a waste to generate all that original content – only for none of it to be seen. Therefore, an SEO specialist is key to the equation of maximising your reach.
Inbound Leads

What are organic leads?

Organic leads materialise when a visitor shows an interest in the product or service.

Organic leads are those generated via an organic Google search and NOT via a paid ad. Put simply, it’s when someone visits your page on their own accord. This organic method is considered trustworthy as the searcher feels as if Google has put them forward as the best candidate. Even the very implication gives the customer confidence when looking for a product or service. After all, they know that as a globally recognised search engine, Google would want to ensure the best result is presented to their customers. For that reason, they understand that Google would put effort into their algorithms. These organic leads then materialise once the visitor shows an interest in the product or service. However, they will only become a lead once they reach out and express a desire for more information or assistance when buying a product or service. These organic leads can then be fed into a CRM (customer relationship management) system and carefully nurtured. If carried out correctly, organic leads won’t just equate to sales. They’ll transform into repeat customers.

Inbound Leads

How much will organic leads cost me?

Content can take time to rank on Google.

The low cost of organic leads is amongst some of the best available leads on the market. However, they are not without their faults. In theory, the more customers who can find you on their own accord, the better. The trouble is, your content can take time to rank on Google. A business would therefore need to invest in the process for some time before seeing the desired results. Yet when it does rank, they can continually build and refine the process until they reach the top. This SEO tactic ultimately generates a higher rate of organic leads for a better price than if the business attempted to generate leads via PPC.

Interested in what organic leads can do for you?

We provide a free consultation that outlines our available options.

If you’d like to generate organic leads but don’t know where to start then get in touch. By speaking to our lead generation specialists, we can provide you with some guidance on how to put your best foot forward. Whether you want to embark on an SEO campaign to generate organic leads or are looking for something else, our experts can help you get results. Better yet, as each business differs in its goals, we also provide a free consultation that can help outline your available options. This provides businesses with a clear indication of costs and the methods we use to get your business seen online.
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