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Outsourced B2B Lead Generation

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Why Outsourced B2B Lead Generation Works

Contrary to popular belief, B2B lead generation can be far harder to achieve than one might initially think. Inadequately targeted leads simply won’t reap the right crowds and could lead to a whole host of complications down the line. Our experienced team have learnt the intricacies of B2B lead generation the hard way. In fact, we’d be the first to say that if you’re fresh-faced and diving into lead generation – reconsider going it alone. Look to an accomplished company that knows what they’re talking about. After all, you wouldn’t go about replacing an engine if you weren’t an auto technician. So why establish poor foundations for your leads going forward?

Outsourcing your B2B lead generation will not only save you time but money too. Shifting your attention to insular tasks affords you more time to finesse your business strategy. After all, why whittle away hours on a venture wholly unrelated to your core principles? By outsourcing your B2B lead generation, you can remain customer-focused – without having to focus on customers. To make matters even more efficient, we can always process the leads to function through any technical links. For example, we can help your team avoid confusion by feeding all leads directly into a CRM. This way, your sales team can manage leads at their leisure without scrabbling between platforms. Place your business in the capable hands of an expert team today. With outsourced B2B lead generation, you can connect with your audience in a much more cost-effective and efficient way.

Outsourced B2B Lead Generation

how does Outsourced B2B Lead Generation Work?

For those unaware of what outsourced B2B lead generation is, allow us to explain. It’s simply where a third party company – like Expect Best – generates high-quality leads for your business. The process involves utilising a complicated network of channels to generate personalised leads. Our agency then acts as the conduit between your business and said leads, which are solely designated for your business. The lead’s enquiry is passed back to you so that you can contact them in your preferred way. This could be in person, over the phone or by email – whichever approach is best suited to your sales pipeline.

Companies of all shapes and sizes approach us to fulfil their B2B lead generation. As a diligent and lauded digital agency, we use our skills and resources to hone in and target the ideal market that you’re trying to attract. Yet with this said and done, it’s one thing to locate the goal. It’s another to successfully score. That’s the core reason why businesses ask for our assistance each and every day – because we’re educated in our field. Our team are fully aware of the best avenues in which to bolster your content and see that it’s put front and centre online.

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The costs of leads will inevitably vary based upon your tailored industry and utilised channels. For example, although Google PPC might be somewhat instantaneous, we’ve found that it costs substantially more per lead than SEO. However, the quality of leads brought about by SEO is generally far greater than that of Google PPC. This is despite requiring the several months of organic growth that is required by SEO. For this reason, you will only begin to see leads accumulate in higher numbers once they have maturated. Therefore, the initial cost of SEO can seem somewhat pricier. This is purely owing to the time taken to build and dispatch SEO content. Yet, as the number of leads increases over an inordinate period, the cost per lead will stabilise – making it the more cost-effective method of the two. If you’re interested in learning more about how an outsourced B2B lead generation campaign can help bolster your business, get in touch below. Whether you want us to optimise an already well-performing site or if you want us to radically transform your online channels – we can help.
Outsourced B2B Lead Generation