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Why Using PPC B2B Lead Generation Might Be a Good Idea

Instantly move into markets you might not yet have a foothold in.

A business might use PPC B2B lead generation to gain an immediate advantage in their field. Whilst the main reasons for opting for PPC – over something like SEO – might arise due to matters of urgency, it still attracts relevant enquiries. This is because PPC puts ads in front of the customer almost instantly. It also allows businesses to move into markets they might not yet have a foothold in. Now, as you might imagine, this is a big deal. It’s for this reason that a search engine like Google charges for this form of B2B lead generation – and it can become quite expensive to promote. Unfortunately, most businesses that find themselves in a lull do not have time to wait for something like SEO to pay off. Therefore, PPC B2B lead generation can be seen as a saving grace because of its immediate deployment.

PPC B2B lead generation features a relatively easy setup process and usually takes no more than a couple of hours. However, it’s the harder elements of the process that’s the problem. How do you go about getting the visitors you have already paid for to leave their details with genuine interest? You need to do so in a way that makes them happy to part with their money when they see what your business has to offer. Conversions like this rely on the nature of your B2B business, however, these tend to not only be price dependent but contextual too. Therefore, should potential customers decide to leave their details, a business might opt to supply them with a price list. In such a situation, the business has gained the details of the visitor in exchange for something of value. Going forward, the lead can refer to this when sourcing a supplier. This small token can help cultivate the impression that your business is the supplier they’re looking for.

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How to Effectively Implement PPC B2B Lead Generation

Focus on one singular aspect – what are you trying to promote?

Whilst there are other channels that also run a “cost per x number of views” approach, assume that we are referring to Google PPC. With this in mind, in order to run an effective PPC B2B lead generation campaign a business needs to turn its attention to one singular aspect. What is it trying to promote? Once they’ve identified what they have to offer, the business needs to get into the mind-set of their customers. They need to assume what keywords their customer is using to search for the products and services that they have to offer them. To achieve this, the business can retrieve suggestions from something known as Google PPC Adwords software. This software not only identifies keywords the business might have overlooked. It also indicates the cost per click when someone clicks on said ad. The benefit of which, allows the business to set a daily budget for their campaign. Based on these conversion percentages, they can then get a rough idea of the number of enquiries to expect from such a PPC approach. This software offers enough upfront information as to whether PPC B2B lead generation is viable for a given marketing budget. Once this cleared by the business’s finance department, the campaign can be activated instantly. For it to be effective, however, visitors need to be directed to a landing page that features little distractions. In an ideal world, they shouldn’t be faced with content that’s not associated with the keyword they used to find the page. If the information on the page is sufficient – and the visitor has genuine motives – they should enquire.

PPC B2B Lead Generation

What is PPC B2B Lead Generation?

Boost sales by driving traffic to your webpage.

For those new to the concept of PPC B2B lead generation, we’ll break it down. Businesses like ours utilise PPC or “pay per click” in order to drive traffic to a particular webpage. When the visitor arrives on the page, the content they face will be relevant to the keyword they searched for. If they like what they see and enquire, then that visitor would then be classed as a lead. Once listed, this lead generation is typically fed into a CRM system. This way, the sales team working for that business can approach the lead about their enquiry, then log and track that particular case for future use. From here, they will usually scope the nature of the enquiry and use that to determine how close that particular lead is to purchasing. By gauging the urgency of the query, they can then determine when to reconnect with the same contact. However, they would also need to consider the best ways of communicating information to best support their enquiry. By checking back in regular intervals, the business nurtures this B2B lead and sees if they have progressed towards a purchase.

How Much Does PPC B2B Lead Generation Cost?

Calculate the relative price per enquiry using a tracking cookie.

The cost of PPC B2B lead generation can be calculated by inputting the keyword to Google AdWords. In doing so, you can the software feedbacks the relative cost per click. Based on the offer – and the industry in question – the business can then calculate their cost per enquiry using a tracking cookie. This is attached to an enquiry form on the landing page and will let the business know how many visitors or “clicks” they receive. Once the business determines a budget, the PPC can be limited to a certain number of click opportunities per day. This way, you won’t overstep your allocated budget.

Enquire About Our PPC B2B Lead Generation

Achieve more with our in-house lead specialists.

You wouldn’t get an electrician to do your plumbing, so why settle for anything less when it comes to your promotional campaigns? PPC B2B Lead generation is always best led by a specialist who has key experience in this area. At Expect Best, we have in-house lead specialists who deal with PPC B2B Lead Generation. Our team have a wealth of experience in establishing these types of campaigns and can do it for far less than you might think. Better still, unlike other agencies, we don’t charge a high % fee on your budget. We simply charge a nominal fee for your setup and a monthly report fee – which is completely optional. All the money you then pay to Google goes direct to Google. No ifs, no buts. We are not there to stand in the way of progress, we are there to build it. With this said, some clients opt for the fully managed service. This involves us refining the campaign running tests and reporting back to you for a far more optimised approach. Whilst this does cost more, it allows businesses to save money in the long run by reducing the cost per click and increasing their conversions. Sound interested? This could be you. Simply get in touch today.

PPC B2B Lead Generation